Side Effects

**This section can be grotesque.**

Initial Reactions to

Dilantin: Burns the tooshie:

Steroids: Pretty aggressive, facial swelling and put on about 15 lbs

Tarceva: Fake acne (vanity!) diarrhea like I have never known. Mostly in mornings. Need to adjust due to ability to provide child with breakfast. (16 October 2009 lower dosage curing diarrhea issue. Thank goodness. Fingertip peeling. Looks like eczema, not actually the disease. Sinuses flaring. Skin will not absorb moisturizer well.

Avastin: Fatigue. Danger is in case of major wound (car accident). Very hard to heal. No surgery for anything avoidable in life. Minor bleeding in nose.

Temodar (traditional treatment for brain cancer):

145mg: Normally causes constipation (not when on tarceva) and nausea. Nausea is mild.

390mg: Not actually vomiting, but it does seem like barf city. Actually have tripled my anti-nausea med and am waking up due to nausea. Made it through and about 36 hrs after last dosage was nausea-free.

Keppra 1000mg daily: Just quite sleepy.

2 thoughts on “Side Effects

  1. Amy Logsdon October 2, 2009 at 22:08 Reply

    Hey Erin –

    Just thought you should know that mom has gathered about 40 people to pray daily for you and Peter (brother, not brother-in-law, is at the seminary – with all the “priests in training” praying for you and yours.
    You are in my thoughts also – anything you might need – babysitter (am pediatric advanced life support certified) or such – reach out.

    Amy Logsdon

  2. bea February 18, 2010 at 21:54 Reply

    hey, so when you triple your anti-nausea meds during temodar, do you just take 3 pills at once? Or do you take them every 6 hours or some such?

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