Saw Ophthalmologist – Fri. Nov. 20, 2015

We took Erin to see Dr. Gutmann yesterday. She had not seen him in about 4 years.  About 25 years ago Brandon’s neurologist said that Dr. G was the closest thing that Kaiser had to a neuro-ophthalmologist. Dr. G did an iridotomy for me in 1992 and cataract surgery for me a few years ago. He always asks about Erin when I see him.

Erin has been having more trouble with double vision lately. Dr G said that the normal brain puts 2 images together. But, when normal patients are put under anesthetic and the brain is out of control, eyes will become crossed or wall-eyed. Because Erin’s brain is damaged, she has trouble merging the 2 images.

He says he has lots of patients with double vision because of brain injury. But, Erin is the only one who can merge the 2 images if she looks to the left, but not if she looks to the right. He really didn’t have a solution. Maybe in a year or so, she could get a stronger prism.

Erin did not go to bridge this week; she wanted to sleep. So I think her bridge career has probably come to an end.



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