Paco to have Surgery Thursday – Mon. Aug. 7, 2017

Last Monday Steve called to say that Paco had broken his right clavicle.  Paco has been playing on a traveling baseball team this summer. They were in Ann Arbor on July 15th where Paco played 3rd base. He scooped up a ground ball, tagged out the runner going between 2nd and 3rd, and then threw a bullet to 1st base for a double play.

Everyone was cheering, but Paco was writhing in pain. He had not collided with anyone, but in the act of throwing the ball to 1st base,  he broke his right clavicle. Steve has been very worried about the cause of the break. Just this week the pediatrician said that the bone was healing nicely, but there was something that looked like a cyst at the point of the break.

This morning Steve and Paco went to Grand Rapids to see an orthopedic oncologist. He said that Paco has an aneurysmal bone cyst. According to Wikipedia, it is a misnomer. It is neither an aneurysm or a cyst. It is not cancerous.

The oncologist will remove the cyst during surgery Thursday morning in Grand Rapids. And an orthopedist will put in a titanium plate. It is outpatient surgery.

Steve was very relieved that it was not cancer. Paco was bummed because he is going to miss Band Camp which starts this Wed. (Paco plays the drums.) and he will not be able to be active for 6 weeks.


Erin and a Beefeater, London 1994 – Fri. August 4, 2017

This evening I had an email from Doug Mattes, the pie maker, who was a high school friend of Erin’s. Erin spent 7 months in London in 1994 working for Foundation Health. This is what Doug said:

I was going through some old photos and have attached my favorite photo from my early 1990’s trip to England: a picture of Erin with one of the Tower of London’s Yeoman Warders taken just after a Tower of London tour that highlighted the castle’s majestic and gory history. Erin and her boyfriend had taken me to the local hangouts, but the pressures of living and working in London had not given her many opportunities for sightseeing, and I was glad she made a little time for this when I showed up. We were both enchanted by England at that time, and it was really something to experience London with another similarly enchanted American — Erin, so bold as to just up and move over there. She was a great host.

All the best.


Thanks, Doug, for sharing your experience with Erin in London.


Memory from Margaretha – Wed. Aug. 2, 2017

Margaretta, the RN at UCSF, answered a thank you email which I sent her. She said this:

One cute memory of Erin that I have is … one day, it was my day off, I was tooling around SF Costco and who should I bump into but Erin ? I think it must have been a period when she was well and likely a day she’d had an appointment up on Parnassus. There she was shopping away. If I recall correctly she reported that she was a Costco fan. We had a good laugh and enjoyed meeting each other “out of context”. It felt like I had run into a friend. To this day, when I shop there, I always think of that time when I ran into her. She was a gem!


Margaretta’s message spurred me to go to Costco today, thinking of Erin, of course.


Messages from Doctor and 2 Nurses at UCSF – Tues. Aug. 1, 2017

Yesterday I received a sympathy card with messages from Margaretta Page RN, Jennifer Clarke MD, and Jane Rabbit RN, of the UCSF Dept. of Neurological Surgery. They are involved in the UCSF Clinical Trials in Neuro-oncology.

Here are their messages:

Dear Wheeler & Haas Families,

It is with a heavy heart that I send this note. I was so very sorry to learn of Erin’s death.
It’s been some time since she has been to UCSF, yet I still remember her big smile, whacky sense of humor, and love for her family! She made a big impression on me. I know that the last years were hard & I am sorry. I hope you find comfort in the good memories you have of good times with her.
Thinking of you.
Margaretta Page

I’m so sorry Erin is gone. Though I haven’t seen her for a long time, I have gotten updates from Deb Stern, and I think of Erin often. She was truly remarkable, and left a lasting positive impact on us here at UCSF. Please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers.
Take good care.
Jenny Clarke

I am so very sorry to hear of Erin’s death. She was such an amazing person! She loved being a mama, was so strong & was so determined to watch her babies grow up1 She had a great sense of humor even when dealing with this terrible disease. She was such an inspiration to us all. May your memories bring you peace.
Jane Rabbit, RN

What thoughtful notes to receive from a busy medical staff who deal with so many oncology patients!


A Knock on the Door – Monday, July 31, 2017

About 4:30 PM this afternoon the doorbell rang and who should be on the doorstep but 21 year old grandson Wheeler! I was expecting him next weekend.

A week ago Wheeler drove his Mazda from Boulder, CO, to Santa Barbara in about 16 1/2 hours. He visited friends there for a week. He had planned to stay in Santa Barbara for another week but the friends had to study for finals.

He will stay here for a couple of weeks, then he will head to Oregon to watch the eclipse with a friend who goes to school in Oregon.

Clark just went out and bought a big load of groceries. We don’t have 21-year-old type food on hand.

Nice to see you Wheeler!


Comment from Margaretta, RN – Tues. July 25, 2017

Since some of you may have missed a new comment posted to the Sat. July 22nd blog, I thought that I would post it here. Margaretta Page was the RN who assisted Dr. Jennifer Clarke when Erin went to UCSF for an experimental trial in the Fall of 2009. Erin commuted to San Francisco every two weeks for about a year.

Margaretta Page, RN July 24, 2017 at 17:05 Edit Reply

Barbara- She sure was cute!. It’s Margaretta, nurse from UCSF here. We learned of Erin’s passing recently and several of us remember her. I was directed to this blog. I loved seeing your posts over time and how Erin and her boys did over the years after she stopped coming to UCSF. We sent a card to you and your family to the address on file but sadly it was returned I’d love to send it along- Her sparkle and smile sure touched many of us here. If possible would you send me a good address – Margaretta.Page@ucsf,edu
Thinking of you.


So nice to hear from you, Margaretta! Erin spoke fondly of you.


Erin at Country Club Plaza Memories from about 1974 – Sat. July 22, 2017

At bridge this week I had a few tastes of fresh apricots. So, for the first time ever, this morning I went to the Farmer’s Market at Country Plaza which is in a parking lot behind what used to be Weinstock’s, then Macy’s, and now an empty store. The market is held there year round on Saturday mornings. I purchased peaches and nectarines, which are delicious, but I was told that I was 2 weeks too late for apricots!

Country Club Plaza brings back memories. When Erin was about 3, she and I went to Weinstock’s. I was in the middle of purchasing something, when I turned around and Erin was missing. Several sales girls and I were frantically looking for her, when a lady came in from the mall, and said that she had seen a little girl walking all by herself down towards Penney’s at the complete opposite end of the mall. She had noted that the girl had on shoes with one red pom pom missing. I tore down to Penney’s and found Erin chatting with the security ladies.

Penney’s subsequenty became Gottshalk’s and is now Winco. This morning I clocked how far it is from Winco to the old Weinstock’s and it is about 0.15 mi or about 800 feet or a couple of blocks. Erin showed her independence at an early age!

I looked for a picture of those shoes with the red pom poms, but couldn’t find one. But, below is Erin at almost 3 years of age.