Boys attend Juilliard Concert – Wed. Mar. 29, 2017

Steve wrote this afternoon that they found out about a free jazz percussion recital at Juilliard at 6 pm, so they went. Paco found some cool things at the school’s bookstore: a book of drum set exercises and some light up drum sticks that light up when they strike. (Paco is playing the drums at his school.)

Tommy was mesmerized. At school concerts in Michigan, Tommy normally will not even sit down. But, Steve says that the music and talent were a bit better at this concert.

One student arranged the show and played percussion. Other students played piano, bass, trumpet, and sax.

Afterwards, they grabbed some slices of pizza and went back to their apartment. The boys were tired. What an experience they are having!

(Note: I can’t get the photos of the concert hall and program to go to the photos on my computer. So, I will post the photos in separate blogs.)


Program from the Juilliard Concert – Wed. Mar. 29, 2017

Tommy and Paco at Central Park – Wed. Mar. 29, 2017

Today Paco and Tommy visited Central Park. This is a rock near the gate where they entered the park.

Tommy found a duck to sit on. Paco found a book held by Hans Christian Anderson to sit on!

Such lucky kids!

Tommy & Paco and Green NY – Tues. Mar. 28, 2017

Tommy likes green edaname. Now it is Paco under Tommy’s arm.

Tommy mimicking a green man in an office plaza near Rockefeller Center.

The green shirt coordinated with Tommy’s green day in NY.


Tommy and Paco at Rockerfeller Center – Tues. Mar. 28, 2017

Looks like the rain isn’t bothering Tommy.

Paco and Tommy wrestling in the rain at Rockefeller Center.


Clark Erin Barb at Hoppy’s – Tues. Mar. 28, 2017

Erin got out of the house today for the first time in almost 2 weeks. We went to Hoppy’s for lunch. Erin had nachos, but didn’t eat many of them. The pain in her neck was bothering her.

After hugging Clark for the above picture, Erin wanted a picture with her Mom.


Taller Boy IS Tommy! – Mon. Mar. 27, 2017

On closer look comparing clothes in other photos, the taller boy on the right IS Tommy. In my earlier blog, I thought that Tommy was the boy on the left.Barbara