Perky Erin After Surgery- Wed. Mar. 8, 2017

While we were waiting for Erin’s room to be ready, we waited in the 8th floor waiting room with this view of San Francisco Bay. It is hazy, but The Golden Gate bridge is in the center. Mosswood Park is in the foreground.

Perky Erin. Dr. Morse said that she can go home tomorrow morning. He put in a drain. She is in pain, so they just gave her a shot. The tumor was about 2 inches by 4 inches, sort of football shape.

Calling Tommy, but he wasn’t home.

View of the Oakland Hills from Erin’s 8th floor room.

My message this morning didn’t make it clear that we are at Kaiser in Oakland.


I am pasting this post below because it is appearing in the wrong place.

Erin Out of Surgery -Wed. March 8, 2017

Dr.  Morse, the surgeon, called me about 11:45 am to say that all went well. The surgery lasted about 1 hr and 45 minutes. Erin will be in the recovery room for a couple of hours.

He took out the Desmoid tumor on her neck.  He said that he was able to get a good margin. He did put in a drain, so we will have to come back down in a week to have it removed.

We left Sacramento at 5:15 am and got here at 7 am. So it only took about 15 minutes more than if we were traveling in light traffic.


3 thoughts on “Erin Out of Surgery -Wed. March 8, 2017”

  1. Patricia Zavadil March 8, 2017 at 12:49  Edit Reply

    Thanks for the good news! I hope all goes well in recovery.

  2. shan6 March 8, 2017 at 15:23  Edit Reply

    Thanks for the update! I hope for a smooth recovery and some good pain meds.

  3. Barbara Chase March 8, 2017 at 16:28  Edit Reply

    So glad the surgery went well. And a bonus that the traffic was not so bad.
    Erin, we have been thinking about you.


Happy 8th Birthday, Tommy!!!

Tommy wanted this tent. bed for his birthday. Steve had it all set up when Tommy woke up this morning.

Erin called at 5 am, but Tommy had already left for school, being 8 am Michigan time.

We are on our way to Kaiser Hospital in Oakland at 5:15 am!

Erin Surgery; Paco Cast – Tues. Mar. 7, 2017

Erin is having surgery at mid-morning tomorrow in Oakland to remove the Desmoid tumor from the back of her neck. Erin talked to Dr. Heather Tiska, her primary physician, last month, and Dr. Tiska said that since the tumor was growing, it would be better to have it out now before it got any larger and interfered with major blood vessels or extended into her cervical spine. Letting it get bigger can mean a more extensive and difficult surgery in the future.

We have to be at Kaiser Hopital in Oakland to check in by 7:45 am. So, we are hoping that if we leave Sacramento by 5 am that we will make it in time. The surgery should last an hour or so, and Erin will be in the hospital overnight.

Paco, age 13, saw a hand specialist yesterday, who put his hand in a waterproof cast. She thinks that it will heal in 4 weeks, in time for baseball season. In the meamtime, he can practice baseball and shower in the waterproof cast.
Maybe Paco has to give up ski jumps for this season!


Paco with Broken Bones – Sat. Mar. 4, 2017

Had a message from Steve a little while ago that Paco broke bones in his lower left arm while skiing. The recently healed broken clavicle was also on the left side. I guess one consolation is that Paco is right handed.

Erin called Paco yesterday and when he answered the phone, he couldn’t talk because he was skiing! So, I guess the break occurred either late yesterday or this morning. Bummer.


Erin and Potato Salad Sandwich – Wed. Mar.1, 2017

Clark came home from bridge with a French baguette from Panera, and I had made potato salad for the first time in months. So, Erin decided to have a potato salad sandwich! I guess that is her way of celebrating Ash Wednesday.


Clark & Erin at Cape Cod Fish ‘n Chips – Tues. Feb. 28, 2017

For today’s Tuesday-lunch-out, we went to Cape Cod Fish and Chips on Folsom Blvd. Clark thought that his third piece of fish looked like a sea horse. And he entertained us with his talking sea horse. Erin looked at him with a “You’re full of baloney” look. Clark said, “Well how else do children learn to be creative?”


Erin and Shan went to a Movie – Sun. Feb. 26, 2017

Shannon came for Erin about 2:30 yesterday and they went to the Tower theater to see the movie, “Lion”. They both thought that it was very powerful.

Both before and after the movie, they stopped for French fries at the Tower Cafe next door!