Tommy and Paco at Laser Tag – Sat. Aug 20, 2016

Shannon took the boys to play Laser Tag in Rocklin this afternoon. They are shown on some sort of motorcycle while they await their turn to play.

I guess they are worn out. I have a sleeping boy on either side of me as we drive to Davis. Paco is going to spend the night there with his friend, David. Paco has s busy schedule!


At Shannon’s – Fri. August 19, 2016

We took Erin, Paco, and Tommy to Shannon’s in Folsom this afternoon where they were going to spend the night and we will retrieve them tomorrow afternoon. Shannon’s daughter and son are already back in school.

I forgot to take a picture before we left Shannon’s, so when I got home tonight, I thought I would photograph one of the objects which Tommy had made out of the Tootsie Toy Wood Builders set we have. When I went to take a picture, the blocks were all cleaned up and put away! I asked Clark if he had done that, and he said that he had not. Amazing.


Tommy Paco Beck – Thurs. Aug. 18, 2016

A typical site of Tommy .. playing with his iPad.

When Paco got his ice cream yesterday at Rite Aid, you got a 2nd carton free, so Tommy picked cotton candy for the 2nd.

Cousin Beck joined Paco and Tommy for a swim at the Campus Commons pool.

Beck (almost 7), Brandon, Tommy 7, Clark, and Paco 12, all enjoyed a swim.

Erin, Lisa, and I watched from the comfort of our chairs. It was a very relaxing evening with temperatures in the low to mid 80s. There was never more than one other swimmer in the pool for the hour and a half that we were there from around 6 pm. We took snacks: smoked salmon, manchego cheese, chips, crackers, croissant sandwiches, and grapes to eat after the swim.


Captain America, Erin, Paco – Wed. August 17, 2016

Tommy in his new Captain America Costume

Tommy and Erin. Paco and Clark were out picking up their dinner at Dos Coyotes.

Wheeler enjoying Chocolate Malted Krunch ice cream.

Today began with breakfast about 10:30 with my making crepes, which I hadn’t made since the boys were last here at Christmas. Each crepe is about 9 inches in diameter. Paco had 5 crepes and Tommy 3. They like them with butter, cinnamon, and sugar. They also had blackberries and blueberries. Tommy suggested that I put the napkin holder in the middle of the table instead of on the counter adjacent to the table. “Makes more sense”, he said.

Then a few hours later we headed to Costco for a late lunch and shopping. There is a new Costco going up in Traverse City, but now the closest one is Grand Rapids, so they look forward to going to Costco when they are here. Erin and I split the turkey-cheese sandwich, Paco and Clark had hot dogs, and Tommy had a slice (which was really 2 slices) of pizza. With 4 drinks the lunch came to a grand total of $11.04.

Erin enjoyed going up and down the aisles with the boys and adding items to the cart. Tommy got a Captain America costume for Halloween. I planned to buy a flat of peaches, but the boys said that we needed 2 flats! Afterwards, we headed to Rite Aid to buy Paco’s favorite flavor of Thrifty ice cream: Chocolate Malted Krunch. They have Thrifty ice cream in Traverse City, but not that flavor.

We had been planning to go to Dos Coyotes for dinner because the boys really like it, and there is nothing like it in Traverse City. But, Paco suggested we order by phone and take it out because the place is so noisy. Paco, with his young ears, thought it was noisy! He suggested it completely on his own.

Now Erin and the boys are watching a movie before going to bed.


Erin Paco Tommy – Aug. 16, 2016

For Tuesday lunch out today we went to 33rd St Bistro where Erin had French onion soup. She ate about 3 spoonfuls of it. She finished most of it for dinner. I think she was excited about the boys arriving tonight.

About the time we were finishing lunch, Paco and Tommy and Steve were leaving Traverse City for Minneapolis, the first leg of their trip.

Because of thunder and lightening their plane was held on the ground in Minneapolis for over an hour.

They have landed and are on the shuttle to the car rental at Sacramento airport.

They arrived about 9 pm. Tommy had hit his head on the car door as he was getting out of the car, so he is being comforted by Erin and Paco.

12 year old Paco is about 5 ft 3 1/2 inches, about Erin’s height.

Paco Erin and Tommy in the kitchen after eating fudge which the Haases sent from Traverse City. Love Paco’s haircut!!


Erin & Clark at bar at Applebee’s – Sat. Aug. 13, 2016

Erin and I were planning to go shopping this evening, but we were hungry, and Erin suggested we go to Applebee’s for dinner first. At the last minute Clark joined us.

Applebee’s was very crowded when we got there a little before 7pm. We had barely checked in, when the maître d’ suggested that we could eat at the bar. At the bar? He could see Erin in the wheelchair. He led us to a pull down table which he said he was anxious to use. He had never used it in the 8 years since he had worked there. There was room for 2 chairs and I sat on an adjacent bar stool looking down on my dinner mates.

The outstanding feature for me was the perfectly cooked broccoli. Usually vegetables are too al dente for me. I like them to be fork tender. The salmon also came rare as I had asked for, and the 4 cheese Mac side was superb. Clark and Erin liked their steak salad.

Afterwards, Erin decided we better skip shopping and head home to watch the Olympics.


Erin at Sumo Sushi – Tues. Aug. 9, 2016

Erin and Clark love to go to Sumo Sushi for lunch. Erin picks up sushi using chopsticks in her left hand. She ate 1 piece from each of the 2 rolls which Clark ordered.

Erin really doesn’t have much of an appetite, but last night at 9pm, she asked me to help her order pizzas from Domino’s. it was pan pizza with a nice spongy crust. I, not much of a pizza eater, had 2 pieces, whereas Erin only had one. She has a whole pizza left for dinner tonight.



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