Clark Erin Chuck – Sat. July 4, 2015

Today we went to Brandon and Lisa’s 4th of July party. Erin is shown wearing her red, white, and blue beads with Clark talking to Chuck Hecht, Lisa’s dad, in the background. Erin then decided to share the beads with Deke and Colleen. (See photo below.)

The party was much scaled down compared to past 4th celebrations. Normally, they close off the street and a number of neighbors participate with a water slide and several types of jump houses. But, because of the drought, there was no water slide, and most of the neighbors were out of town. Lisa did rent a jump house (in the background behind Chuck).

The temperature reached 100 degrees, but their open tent provided cover from the sun, and it was really quite comfortable.

It was 6 years ago today that Erin was diagnosed with the glioblastoma.

Happy 4th to you all!

Deke Erin Colleen – Sat. July 4, 2015

Erin & the Boulder, CO, Bunch – Fri. July 3, 2015

Colleen Max (14) Deke
Erin Sam (13)

After a 2 1/4 hour dinner at Roxy, Colleen & Deke and the boys were headed to a Drive-In movie.
Clark, Erin, and I headed home, so that the elders could take a quick nap.

Erin & Colleen at Roxy – Fri. July 3, 2015

Colleen, Deke, and his sons Max 14 and Sam 13, arrived in Sacramento last night. They are staying at the Embassy Suites for a couple of nights before they head for Camp Sacramento where Wheeler is working for the summer.

Tonight we are having dinner at Roxy, a favorite of Deke’s.

Erin is sporting some new reading glasses which she bought at Save Mart.


At DMV for 15 min. – Mon. June 22, 2015

Erin’s handicap parking placard expires next week. She didn’t get a new one in the mail, probably because of her address change. So, this afternoon we went to DMV (California Dept. of Motor Vehicles) to get the placard renewed and her address changed.

I guess because Erin was in a wheelchair we were in and out of there in 15 minutes!

Afterwards, she wanted to go to her favorite Tower Cafe. a few miles away, to eat. It was only 4 pm, so they weren’t serving dinner yet. But, we had soup, dessert, and soft drinks. Their Russian tea cakes are a weakness of mine!


Tommy and the Bat Bot. – June 21, 2015

The first item on Tommy’s wish list was a Fisher-Price Imaginext Bat Bot. Steve said that was all that Tommy talked about. Tommy went into great detail telling me all about it. It is amazing the facts that a 6 year old knows.

Paco helped me order it and it was on their front porch today when Steve and Paco got home from Paco’s baseball tournament. Click on the link below to se a Bat Bot in action. Barbara

Paco Traverse City Baseball Team – Sun. June 21, 2015

That is Paco in the front row extreme left. He had a weekend tournament out of town, but didn’t play today because he has hurt his ankle. He was limping when he was here last weekend. Barbara


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