Wheeler ready for a Swim – Sat. June 17, 2017

This excessively hot, 100 degree weather, is bringing out the swimmers.
Wheeler just stopped by to get the pool key.
He is wearing Erin’s UC Davis 1908 hat. … must be the year it was founded.

Wheeler and Sam (Deke’s younger son) fly back to Boulder tomorrow. Colleen
and Deke are taking the train back.

Message from Cindy – Sat. June 17, 2017

Cindy Limburg sent this poignant message today. Cindy, Shannon, and Erin went to Europe together in 1997. And Cindy frequently visited Erin on her way home to Davis from work in Gold River.

I’ve been enjoying reading the memories and tributes that you’ve been posting on Erin’s blog. Erin meant a lot to a lot of people!

Erin was a very special friend. She was the sparkplug in our friend group. I have many wonderful memories of the times we spent together. I met Erin at a special time of our lives…we were out of college and working, single, kid-free, active, and social. Along with other friends, we went to dinners, had parties, traveled, and hung out a lot. Most of us were looking for love at that time and got to share those experiences–good and bad! We also met our future husbands, were in each other’s weddings, and had kids over a span of a few years. Those were fun and very memorable years, and I was so lucky to have Erin there to share them with. She was always so supportive, involved, affectionate, and vibrant. (At parties and gatherings, if she was ever in a room with you, you would know it!) It was also great for me when she and her family moved to Davis, and Paco went to the same elementary school as my kids, so I got to see her and her family a lot during those early school years.

Something she said to us after she was diagnosed with the tumor always stuck with me. She told us that she was ok with the idea of dying–because she felt so fortunate to have had the life that she had. She said she was brought up in a loving family, she experienced college and working life. She got to travel a lot, see lots of things, and meet lots of people. She got to fall in love, get married, and have children. She told us she was very, very blessed to have had the life that she had already had.

I’m so sorry that she is no longer with us. She’s had a few very challenging years, but as she said, she was lucky to have had all the wonderful years that she did have. And we are all lucky to have shared parts of those years with her.

Such a good friend!

Tommy in EV1 Jacket – Sat. June 17, 2017

Steve and Tommy came over for a swim around noon. Erin at one time marketed EV-1 Electric Vehicles, made by GM. Steve and Tommy thought they would take the jacket home for Paco who is with his friend David in Davis.

The jacket is an XL, so it doesn’t fit Tommy very well!

Instead of putting his hands in front of his face for a picture, Tommy puts on a grin.


Breakfast after Mass – Sat. June 17, 2017

Since we didn’t have a funeral mass, a few of us went to 8 am Mass at St. Ignatius Church today to commemorate Erin. St. Ignatius is the church where I was married in 1964. The church looks beautiful and brand new after all of these years.

The mass was said by the Pastor, Fr. Michael Moynihan,SJ. He mentioned Erin Wheeler Haas 3 times during the Mass. Marie Leonardini, a bridge playing friend of mine, has known Fr. Mike, “Moyna” as she calls him, for many years and she was instrumental in making sure that he knew we were there and what Erin’s full name was. Fr. Mike gave a brief, but eloquent sermon which he had prepared.

After Mass we went to Mimi’s for breakfast. My nephew Tom Zavadil took this picture.

Left to Right are:
John Z, Patricia Z, Madelynn Burton (a bridge partner), Mack and Lucy White, Sue Pach, Jim and Mary Claire O’Connor, Barb, Clark, Betsy Z, and Ginny White Johnson. Attending Mass, but missing breakfast were Marie L and Brandon.
Jim O’C was Erin’s godfather. Mack and Ginny are brother and sister and grew up across the street from the Wheelers. Sue Pach’s son Joe was in kindergarten with Brandon and our kids were on the Carmichael Swim Team together. Erin swam on the team from the time that she was 5. She was never very fast, but loved to swim.


Haases and Zavadils – Sat. June 16, 2017

Steve and the boys were planning to leave Traverse City Wed. afternoon, but their flight was delayed so long, they would have missed their connection in Chicago. So, they returned home and came yesterday, coming on the same flight as Steve’s parents for the Chicago – Sacramento leg of the trip.

Last night they visited with Shannon and her family. Today they came over here for brunch. Tommy loves crepes and had 5 of them!

Mike & Judy Haas, Clark, Paco, Tommy, Steve

Paco is proud of being taller than his Dad. That is some kind of whirling disk which Tommy is holding.

In the early afternoon, Paco and Steve left to go to an A’s game in Oakland. Tommy elected to stay home with his Haas grandparents who later took him to Davis to play with Cindy’s girls.

The Zavadils: my sister Patricia and her 3 youngest children John from Albuquerque, and Tom and Betsy from Denver arrived just as Steve and Paco were leaving.

Tommy started talking about houses with Betsy and Tom. It turned out this was Harry Potter conversation. Tommy conversed non-stop for an hour with the 4 Zavadils, Judy and Mike, and Clark and I surrounding him. Judy commented that she speaks English and Spanish, but she had never heard the language they were speaking!


Photos from Geraldine – Fri. June 16, 2017

In 1994 Erin went off on her own to England, and after a month or so, found a job at Foundation Health in London where she met Geraldine Smith who was the Chief Financial Officer. They became good friends. Geraldine came to Erin’s wedding in Sacramento in 2001, and then 2 years later Erin attended Geraldine’s wedding to Michael Penney. The wedding took place in the New Forest, England, in Oct. 2003.

Erin is 2nd from left in the white hat in this group of ladies all decked out for  wedding..

Erin and the bride, Geraldine

That is the road into the hotel. Erin is in one of Michael’s cars.

Geraldine and Erin the night before the wedding.

On the wine train through the Napa Valley: Steve, Erin, Geraldine, Geraldine’s brother John, Michael, friend of John’s

Erin and Steve joined Michael and Geraldine on the Amalfi Coast where the newlyweds were honeymooning.

Whenever Geraldine was visiting her brother in LA, she would make an effort to come up and see Erin.
Thanks, Geraldine!

Glioma Girls – Thurs. June 15, 2017

I received the following email from Deborah Stern today. She is the one I talked about in the blog last Fri. June 9th. She has a GBM, the other two have other kinds of gliomas. They met for lunch today. The group started with five including Erin and another girl. Liz Salmi is pictured with Erin in the blog and wrote about Erin on Thurs. June 1st.

Here are the three remaining Glioma Girls–we really enjoyed talking about Erin and the future of health care and patient self-advocacy. Katie Zelliger is in the back, then me, then Liz Salmi.

I hope you are doing well, all things considered. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Leor and Cooper will be joining me–Coop is excited to see Paco & Tommy! It’s been 4 or 5 years since they saw one another, but Cooper LOVES baseball and has tons of questions for Paco! 🙂