Paco’s 7th Grade Picture – Thurs. Oct. 6, 2016

Steve just sent this today.


Joanne and Erin – School St. Bistro – Wed. Oct.5 2016

Yesterday was my friend Joanne’s birthday. So, today Erin and went to Lodi to have lunch with Joanne. We made it down and back in 40 min each way … a record, I think.

We went to School St. Bistro for lunch where I had a fried green tomato sandwich. Are fried green tomatoes the “in” food?
The building of the red brick sidewalks with gold trim was supervised by my niece, Janet Keeter, some 10+ years ago when she was Asst. City Manager of Lodi. Joanne always credits Janet with revitalizing downtown Lodi.

After lunch we went to Corner Stone Bakery for a dessert (Joanne and I shared) and coffee (Erin). Erin was vivacious talking to Joanne, but got frustrated when she couldn’t complete a sentence.


Paco on the drums – Tues. Oct. 4, 2016

Steve here:

Paco started playing percussion last year in 6th grade. He is really enjoying it and decided to try out for the school’s 7th grade jazz band. As an early holiday present we found a nearly new but 6 year old drum set on Craigslist so he could practice. Here he is playing it soon after we got it home and set up.

Erin and Wraps at Cheese Factory – Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016

Today’s Tuesday outing was to the Cheese Factory. Erin ordered the chicken wraps. She only took 1 bite .. so she has lots of leftovers for dinner.

Erin is excited about Paco learning to play drums.

Paco and his new Drums -Tues. Oct. 4, 2106

Paco has been taking percussion at school and loving it.

Steve found a set of drums on Craig’s list that were for sale in Northern Michigan and picked them up today.

Now Paco can practice at home.

(I thought that I was attaching a video, but I wasn’t successful.)


Wheeler on hike to Delicate Arch – Sun. Oct. 2, 2016

Colleen wrote that she and Wheeler made it to Moab, Utah, today with time to hike in Arches National Park.

Colleen describes this photo as, “Wheeler on our golden hour hike to Delicate Arch.” Spectacular color!!

They plan to make it home to Boulder tomorrow. The 2005 Mazda is holding up well.


Wheeler and Colleen – CA2CO – Fri. Sept. 30, 2016

This is a selfie which Wheeler and Colleen took as they left this afternoon headed from CA to CO. Colleen had spent the last 3 days getting her car detailed, oil changed, and brakes, and struts taken care of. And she washed all of the blankets and pillows which she had left in the garage from their family trips to Camp Sacramento. Wheeler cleaned out all of his stuff, too.

They headed up Hwy 50 and ended up spending an hour or so in Placerville having the new brakes adjusted. The brakes were rubbing. They stopped at Camp Sacramento where their friends were having a closing camp weekend. They were fortunate to get a good cabin for the night. Then they will head to South Lake Tahoe and take 50 and 70 to Boulder.

Here’s to a safe trip.