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Paco & Tommy on a Sunday Drive- Sun. Feb. 23, 2020

Steve wrote today, “Some photos from this afternoon. The boys and I drove out to Lake Michigan at Frankfort to get Paco some practice time behind the wheel.”

Paco turns 16 next Saturday, Feb. 29th, so he will get to celebrate his birthday on the day for the fist time in 4 years.

Tommy is posing, Paco is photographing.

Tommy is making sure that he is being photographed.

Tommy still has that impish smile.

Paco and Tommy on a sunny day at an uncrowded beach.

Tommy and big brother Paco.

Tommy, Paco, and Steve with the waves of Lake Michigan in the background.

The high temperature today was 48 and the low 34. By contrast, next Sat. on Paco’s birthday the high is predicted to be 24 and the low to be 12! Also, by contrast the high in Sacramento on Paco’s birthday is predicted to be 71 and the low 42.

Thanks, Steve, for the great pictures.


Lunch at North Ridge CC – Wed. Feb. 19, 2020

Today our former social bridge group met for lunch at North Ridge County Club at the invitation of Mary Claire O’Connor. I used to play golf at North Ridge a couple of times a year as Mary Claire’s guest. We played social bridge once a month for 43 years from 1969 until 2012.

Overlooking the golf course at North Ridge Feb. 19, 2020
Barbara Wheeler, Barbara Goyette, Mary Claire O’Connor, Lucy White, Donna Logsdon, Sue Mecum

Mary Ann Stewart and Kathy Cunningham

Here is the group at North Ridge in April 2019:

By the fireplace at North Ridge – April 26, 2019
Standing: Donna Logsdon, Barbara Wheeler, Sue Mecum, Mary Ann Stewart
Seated: Mary Claire O’Connor, Kathy Cunningham, Barbara Goyette

Mary Claire still plays social bridge. I am the only duplicate player.


Happy Birthday, Wheeler!! – Tues. Feb.18, 2020

Today is oldest grandson Wheeler Strand’s 24th birthday. He has been holding down the fort in Boulder.

His mom, daughter Colleen, and her husband Deke are in Argentina having just completed a week of cold water dives in Antarctica. Colleen texted a couple of days ago that they had touched land at Cape Horn. She says the dives were not worth the hassle, other than to say that they had done them. She liked the penguins.

Here is a photo of Wheeler taken when he visited us 3 weeks ago:

Wheeler Strand – Jan.28, 2020

And here is Wheeler 6 years ago with considerably less hair:

Wheeler Strand – May 3, 2014

6 years makes quite a difference!


Barbara Bravos (hospice worker) and Barbara Wheeler – Thurs. Feb. 13, 2020

Today I went to the yearly lunch which the Women’s Club of Campus Commons sponsors at the Club House. In the middle of the lunch, Barbara Bravos came up and greeted me. Barbara was our wonderful hospice worker who stayed with Erin on Thursday nights in 2012 so that Clark and I could play bridge. She lives less than a block from us.

Barbara wanted to know all about Paco and Tommy and was pleased to hear how well they are thriving in Traverse City with Steve and Kirsten. The boys were 8 and 3 when Barbara knew them, and she really enjoyed seeing current pictures of them. I showed her Paco in the marching band and Tommy shoveling snow.

Barbara’s own mother is 94 and lives in the Bay Area so Barbara relieves her brother one weekend a month in the care of their mother. Barbara also fills in when other hospice workers need a replacement.

After the lunch Barbara and I walked home together and Barbara dropped in to say “hi” to Clark who took our picture:

Barbara Bravos and Barbara Wheeler – Feb. 13, 2020

We were so fortunate to have such a wonderful caretaker for Erin.


Queen Eliabeth I – Wed. Feb. 12, 2020

We have a bridge player, Jan Soules, who makes beautiful quilts. 2 at a time are displayed at the Sacramento Bridge Club. They are rotated every 2 or 3 months. Yesterday when I arrived at the Bridge Club, the first thing I saw was the beautiful quilt of Queen Elizabeth I. It is so realistic.

Queen Elizabeth I by Jan Soules, completed in 2018.

What beautiful work Jan does!


Ride Sally, Ride – Sat. Feb. 8, 2020

Today we celebrated Valentine’s Day a little early. We went to the B St. Theater, also called the Sophia, to see a performance of “Ride Sally, Ride.”

It was a play written about Sally Ride and Amelia Earhart. It was written about these 2 historic women in aviation with the goals of inspiring and entertaining young audiences.
So, there was some slapstick. But, it was excellent. And I came away in tears and unable to talk for a few minutes.

It made me wish that Paco and Tommy could see it with their female cousins Kayla and Alyssa and Sydney and Milan.

Afterwards we went for a late afternoon meal at 33rd Street Bistro on Folsom Blvd.
Clark kept commenting on how good he felt and was happy to get out and do something different,


Paco in a Drum Line – Thurs. Feb. 6, 2020

I had just been wondering if Paco had had any drum activities during the cold weather in Traverse City. (The high today in T.C. was 30, the low 24.) This morning Kirsten sent this picture:

Paco is the snare drummer on the right. Kirsten said that it is Winterfest week at school, so there are some special events and activities.
Judy (Paco’s other grandmother) said that they were going to a concert tonight where all the TC bands are going to perform at the Central Elementary School.

Here is a closeup of Paco in his T.C. Trojan sweatshirt:

Paco’s sweatshirt says,

Looks like the drum line is having fun!