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Dinner at Zocalo with Dan and Anne – Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019

Clark’s son Dan and wife Anne with creature at Zócalo, University Village, Sunday, Nov.10, 2019.

We went to dinner Sunday night with Clark’s son Dan and his wife Anne. Dan and Anne had recently returned from Mexico where they had celebrated La Dia de Los Muertos in Oaxaca. Dan loves Halloween, so he and Anne met their 2 children, Hannah who works in Wash.DC and Matt who works out of SF, for the Dia de los Muertos celebration.

Zócalo restaurant in University Village on Howe Ave had several Dia de los Muertos displays including the charming woman pictured in the photo above. We ate outside in perfect weather. I had the fish ceviche which I am now addicted to. It is white fish or shrimp marinated in lime juice, accompanied by chopped tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, and avocado … so refreshing!

Thanks, Dan and Anne, for a great evening!

Haas Boys on Veterans’ Day – Tues. Nov.12, 2019

Kirsten wrote that it was a busy and snowy Veterans’ Day yesterday for the Haas boys in Traverse City, MI.

Paco (front right) started the day leading a procession of Veterans at the nearby community college.

Tommy (on left) had his third fencing lesson.

Tommy, on left. Kirsten wrote, “Check out his form. En Garde!”
Kirsten says that they have had more than the usual dusting of snow this fall. School was cancelled on Friday and again today.

Right now it is a very comfortable 72 in Sacramento.


Our Veterans, Ralph and Vern – Monday, Nov.11, 2019

Yesterday on Facebook my niece Jane Keeter Smith posted this picture of her Dad, Ralph Smith:

Ralph Smith – U.S. Army

After Ralph graduated from Cal in 1953, he entered the US Army.

Ralph was working for the State in Sacramento when I started teaching at Sac State in September of 1957. He and Joan were engaged by then. He would come home to the East Bay on weekends and gave me a ride to my new job in Sacramento. He lived in midtown Sacramento and walked to work so, he didn’t use his car during the week. I didn’t have a car, so he let me use his until I bought a car.

Also, today I am remembering veteran Vern Chase, husband of my close friend Barbara Chase who lives in Edmonds, WA. Vern was a navy veteran who died on Veteran’s Day one year ago today.

When I was growing up, Nov.11th was called Armistice Day in commemoration of the Allies and Germany signing a ceasefire on Nov.11, 1918 ending World War I. In 1954 Congress changed the name to Veterans Day honoring the veterans of all US wars.


New Corvette?

This morning Clark and I went to lunch at Danielle’s Creperie .. neither of us had crepes. He had delicious French onion soup and a half sandwich, and I had a 3-egg Swiss cheese omelet. Service was outstanding. Our glasses were kept filled and I was impressed when I saw the young hostess picking up several small pieces of paper off the floor.

When we came back to our car, look what was parked next to us:

Clark and new Corvette with beautiful interior. I imagine this bright yellow color is easily seen by other drivers.

This is another view:

I saw some place on line that the cost of a new Corvette is from $55,000 and up.

I think I will stick with my 1995 Camry for a while longer!


Memorial Mass for Ralph is on Sat. Nov. 23rd – Tues. Nov. 5, 2019

The Memorial Mass for Ralph Smith will be on Sat. Nov. 23rd at 11 am at St.Isidore’s Church in Danville with reception to follow in the church hall. St. Isidore’s is at 440 La Gonda. From 680 take exit 40 West on El Cerre to south on La Gonda.

Ralph Smith, avid Cal fan.

Love this picture of Ralph which his daughter, Janet Keeter Smith, posted on Facebook yesterday afternoon. It was taken at the Smith house in Alamo. I like the way one of Ralph’s Tiffany lamps is reflected in the window.

Janet wrote:
“This morning after 89 years on this Earth we lost our Dad and my Mom’s best friend. He was an amazing artist, athlete and family man. Our family is grateful for all the support over the last couple of years. Ralph Smith is now at peace.”

Ralph and Joan’s oldest son Dave Smith of Portland posted this picture of himself and his Dad:

Dave Smith with his Dad, Ralph Smith.

Yesterday on Facebook Dave wrote:

David Smith is feeling sad.

November 3 at 7:

“Early this morning my Dad passed away after a long health battle at the age of 89. He and Mom were married for 61 years. As a demonstration of his toughness, he’d outlived the doctors predictions by a year. I like to think that he and death got tired of fighting and called a truce – he gets to rest now. Watch out though, He’ll be tougher in heaven!

“Miss you already Dad”

Dave also posted this picture of Ralph and Joan on their wedding day, Sept.6, 1958.

Newlyweds Joan Canty Smith & Ralph Smith – Sept. 6, 1958, Corpus Christi Church, Piedmont, CA.


Ralph Smith (March 21, 1930 – Nov. 3, 2019)

I received a phone call at about 9 am this morning from my niece Janet Keeter Smith that her Dad, Ralph Basil Smith, had died early this morning at Manor Care in Walnut Creek. Ralph was the husband of my sister Joan, who lives in Alamo near Walnut Creek.

I talked to Joan who had faithfully fed Ralph his pureed meals for the last year or so. Ralph had been in Manor Care since July 1st of last year and he had gone on hospice this past February.

Ralph Smith, Nov. 2, 2019. Handsome until the end,

Yesterday Ralph’s 92 year old brother Leo had visited Ralph, and Leo’s son Rick took this photo of Ralph and Leo from which I cropped the picture of Ralph above:

Ralph Smith, 89, and his brother, Leo Smith, 92 on Nov. 2, 2019.
They come from a long-lived family. Their Dad Basil lived to 93 and their Aunt Margaret lived to over 100.

Rest in peace, dear Ralph.


Tommy’s Halloween Haul – Sat. Nov.2, 2019

Tommy and his Halloween Haul.
Thursday night Steve wrote that it was cold and snowing in Traverse City for Halloween night, so apparently turnout was low. They had only four rings of the bell all night. So, Tommy and his friends had the run of the neighborhood.

This was Tommy’s school costume – a flashback to the Formula 1 driver.
Kirsten said that it snowed as the day went on.

Several of the neighborhood boys gathered at Tommy’s (3rd from left) to carbo-load before venturing out as a group. After about 90 minutes of trick or treating, they stopped to conduct a candy community exchange.

Because of the foul weather, Tommy reported, “It we the best candy haul ever.!”

Paco didn’t get home until almost 8:00 pm from pit band rehearsal. But he had fun. The band had dinner there along with Halloween candy for the band and actors.

Tommy said that he would share some of his candy with older brother Paco.

Good for you, Tommy!