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Dean’s sister visits Denver – Sat. Sept. 15, 2018

During this past week Dean’s sister, Martha, and her husband, Dave, have been visiting Tom and Dean in Denver. Martha was out from Florida in 2005 when her mother died and Dean and Tom had a celebration of her life. So, this is Martha’s first visit to Denver in 13 years. She and Dave don’t like flying.

Dean’s sister, Martha.

Patricia found Martha fun to converse with. To our amazement, Martha checks the blog every morning and has followed it faithfully since its inception in July 2009!

Tonight Patricia joined Martha and Dave, Tom, and Dean, daughter Mary and her husband Greg, and their son Joe (not pictured) and his girlfriend Emily for a farewell dinner at the Ship’s Tavern in the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver.

Nice to know of another blog reader!

Colleen’s post on Erin’s Birthday – Sat. Sept.15, 2018

Yesterday Colleen posted this on Facebook about it being Erin’s Birthday:

Colleen Wheeler

22 hrs ·

My beautiful sister would have been 47 today. I miss her at random times when I’m not expecting it, but she loved to acknowledge her missing of people on their significant days.


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June Hill-Falkenthal I’m sorry Colleen. When and why did Erin pass? I remember having a hard time not cracking up whenever she did fly.


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Colleen Wheeler What a great snapshot memory, June. Erin died last year after almost eight devastating years with a Glioblastoma diagnosis. But she did enjoy swimming however she could for a long time, despite being paralyzed on one side.


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June Hill-Falkenthal Man, that bites. I’m so sorry. She was certainly a kick and as I recall a pretty damn good swimmer.


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Colleen Wheeler She would love that description!


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The Chicks Dinner on Erin’s Birthday – Fri. Sept. 14, 2018

Tonight Cindy, Shannon, Aletha, and Vivian, the “chicks”, met for dinner at Tower Cafe on Broadway in Sacramento to celebrate Erin’s birthday. Earlier Cindy wrote, “We will toast our Erin and remember what a good and fun friend she was to us.:)”.

After dinner Shannon wrote, “We had a bottle of Husch Sauvignon Blanc, which is the wine that Erin and I used to drink whenever we went to Tower”.

Cindy, Shannon, Aletha, and Vivian had dinner at Tower Cafe to celebrate Erin’s birthday.

What good friends!!

Erin’s 47th Birthday – Fri. Sept.14, 2018

Erin would have been 47 years old today.

Erin in August 2015

Miss you, dear daughter.


Farewell Patricia – Mon. Sept. 10, 2018

This is Patricia’s last night in Sacramento. We have had a great time. I think that she and I played 25 sessions of bridge during her 17 day stay. She is always impressed with how social the Sacramento Bridge Club is. When the game was over today, a 94 year old man came over to our table to say goodbye.

Tonight Patricia made plane reseverations to attend the Regional in Monterey which begins on New Year’s Eve. For her last night here Patricia wanted to take us for dinner at nearby Roxy. It is a favorite of Colleen and Deke’s, too.
Patricia ordered her favorite braised pork stroganoff with mountain peak raviolis.

Look forward to your return on Dec. 29th, Patricia!!


60 Year Celebration for Joan and Ralph – Sunday, Sept. 9, 2018

Last Thursday, Sept. 6th was the 60th wedding anniversary for my sister Joan and her husband Ralph Smith. Yesterday all 5 of Joan and Ralph’s children and their spouses and 6 of the 8 grandchildren gathered for cake at Manor Care in Walnut Creek where Ralph is a patient.

Ralph and Joan celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.

Ralph and Joan and their 5 children: Ginny Haynes, Dave Smith, Ken Smith, Alan Smith, and Janet Keeter
Ginny and Ron Haynes live in Pleasant Hill, Dave and Muffy live in Portland, OR, Ken and Anne live in Scotts Valley near Santa Cruz, Alan and Lisa live in Orinda, and Janet and Steve live in Lodi.

Muffy Marshall and Dave Smith, Dave’s son Anthony is between them; Alan and Lisa Smith, Dave’s daughter Natalie Smith, Steve and Janet Keeter, Anne and Ken Smith,
Alan and Lisa’s daughter Kayla is in front of Ken. Next to Kayla is her sister Alyssa. Next to Ken are his sons Kyle and Alec. Ginny and Ron Haynes.

2 granddaughters are missing. Dave’s daughter Cecilia is teaching in Peru. Ken and Anne’s daughter Caroline Smith is a student at Santa Barbara City College. Muffy’s daughters, Samantha and Sophia were unable to attend.

The family went back to Joan’s house in Alamo for a late dinner. Dave stayed with Ralph at the Manor and watched part of the Cal football game with his Dad.

Alec is about to transfer to UC Davis where he was recruited by the baseball coach, and his father Ken was helping him move in today.

As Brandon put it on Facebook, Joan and Ralph were 5 for 5 with successful kids.
Thanks to Janet for the pictures.


Beck’s Birthday Adventure – Sat. Sept. 8, 2018

Lisa sent me 2 additional pictures of Beck’s birthday outing at Mojo Dojo.

Sophia and Beck fell into a foam pit under the rock climbing wall. There are foam cubes that are under the various ninja courses to protect the kids if they fall. Now I have to find out what a ninja course is.

Looks like Beck is about to jump up to that horizontal bar.