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MRI on Neck – Wed. Oct. 26, 2016

We were all up at 5:30 am this morning to take Erin to Kaiser for a 6:30 am appointment for an MRI. Last May she was bothered by a mass on the right side of the back of her neck. She was referred to a head and neck surgeon, Dr. Cua. He did a core biopsy and wrote her that it was an inflamed muscle and nothing further needed to be done.

Now the mass has about doubled in size. It is very hard and is bothering her. So we contacted Dr. Cua, and he ordered the MRI. It was old home week for Erin seeing the receptionist and the technicians in the MRI area.


Tommy’s 2nd Grade Photo – Oct. 26, 2016

Last week Steve sent this 2nd grade picture of Tommy. Isn’t he a little imp?


With Michael & Geraldine at Zócalo – Mon. Oct. 10, 2016

Michael Geraldine Erin Barb Clark

Michael and Geraldine, Erin’s friends from England, visited today. They are visiting Geraldine’s brother in LA and flew up to Sacramento just for the day to visit with Erin. In 1994 Erin worked in England for 6 months for Health Net and Geraldine was her supervisor. Geraldine flew over for Erin’ s wedding in 2001, and Erin flew to England for Geraldine’s wedding to Michael in 2003.

Erin wanted to go out for lunch and have Mexican food. She chose Zócalo, a restaurant in midtown. It was a delightful day to eat outside. I had enchiladas. One was covered with mole sauce and the other with salsa roja … a very colorful plate.

Michael and Geraldine left about 3:30 pm for their flight back to LA. They had rented a car with a “Sat Nav” to navigate them back to the airport.

Erin is fortunate to have such good friends.


Paco and Tommy amongst the Haystacks – Sun. Oct. 9, 2016

Paco and Tommy amongst the haystacks.Steve just sent another photo from their apple picking excursion. Gorgeous sky, happy kids!


Paco Tommy Steve and Apples – Sun. Oct. 9, 2016

Paco and Tommy picked apples today in MI. They bought some pumpkins, too.

Here is the loot. That is 1/2 bushel (24lbs) of honey crisp apples.

Paco Tommy Steve …. Looks like a beautiful day.

Tommy in the hay stacks.

Russian Tea Cake – Sat. Oct. 8, 2016

Shannon picked up Erin about 2:30 this afternoon. They went shopping, then to a movie, “Queen of Katwe” the true story of a young girl from Uganda who became a champion chess player. Shan and Erin thought that the movie was very inspiring.

After the movie they went next door to the Tower Cafe for dinner. Erin brought home Russian tea cakes. I had already had my quota of calories for the day, but I couldn’t resist. The tea cake is also known as a Roly Poly or Mexcian Wedding Cake. It is a shortbread cookie with lots of nuts. Tower’s are about 3 inches in diameter, the equivalent to about 3 normal tea cakes. Clark suggested that I put a dollar bill next to the cookie to get a perspective.

Thanks, Erin!

Beckett on Picture Day – Thurs. Oct 6, 2016

Brandon posted this photo of Beckett on Facebook with the caption, “Picture Day with a fancy shirt”.
Beck is in 1st grade. Think this is the best picture Beck has ever taken.