Ralph’s Memorial (cont’d) – Sat. Nov. 30, 2019

The reception following the Memorial Mass for Ralph Smith last Saturday was in the church hall which was set up with 15 tables for 8. The centerpieces were made by Anne Smith, Ken’s wife. I brought one of the centerpieces home:

Note the charm sailboat hanging on the lower right of the arrangement. Ralph used to have a sailboat which he kept at the Berkeley pier. I discovered 4 more such charms as filler in the bouquet:

Charms in the bouquet were a sail boat, tennis racket and ball, painter’s palette, a frog, and another sail boat. Maybe Ralph saw frogs when he was working at the UC Botanical Gardens?

Brother Jim on the left in the photo below (dressed in Ralph-type sweater and shirt) sent me this photo which Beate took:

Brother JIm Canty from Berkeley, Greg and Mary Zavadil Gutierrez, Patricia Zavadil, John Zavadil, Betsy Zavadil Davis, Kathy Canty Brown, Tom Zavadil and Pat Canty (widow of my brother Tim). Greg, Mary, and Tom flew out from Denver just for the day. John flew in Friday night from Albuquerque as did his younger sister Betsy from Denver and they hung out in the Bay Area until Sunday.
Standing talking in the back corner are Jim’s son Mike Canty, who flew up from San Diego, and Dave Smith. Seated in front of them is Jim’s daughter Nora Canty-Hilchey and her mother Dena Canty in the aqua top with her back to the camera. JIm’s daughter Monica Canty McCarty sent her regrets. She had a conflict. It was her husband Dave McCarty’s 50th birthday and sometime ago she had planned a tailgate party for him at the Stanford-Cal game.

Here is the same group, but with Beate in the front, and Jim taking the picture.
In the back you see Clark’s outstretched arm in the open doorway. That is me in front of his arm, and son Brandon is standing talking to me and to my sister Joan.

These are 3 of Joan’s high school classmates: Karen Jorgensen, Mary Grace Pruitt, and Barbara Reid. At the table to the right is Joan leaning over talking to Dena Canty. I recognize Dave Smith’s Blue and Gold Cal tie. He and Muffy are standing behind Clark. At the left table is Brandon facing the camera and talking to Alan Smith. Alyssa Smith is standing there next to her dad.

Dena Canty and Alice Klitgaard Devine. Alice came to California when Joan and Alice were in 8th grade. Alice’s mother and my mother became good friends. Joan and Alice remained good friends through high school and college.

Maureen Sullivan, Sheila Scanlon, and Angela Campbell (maiden names) are 3 more of Joan’s high school and college friends.
Brother Jim is talking to Beate Dietz-Reid at the table behind Maureen.
Standing behind Jim with the red tie is my nephew Tim Canty III and wife Michele who, along with their twin daughters Sydney and Milan, were up from San Diego. Tim is the son of my late brother Tim and wife Pat Canty.
Daughter Colleen commented that of the 18 living first cousins, 15 of them turned out for the memorial celebration.

Beate urged me to join their table:

Pat Canty, Barb, Jim Canty, Kathy Canty Brown, Mary Zavadil Gutierrez, Tom Zavadil, Patricia

Ralph’s older brother Leo, age 92, and Leo’s wife Nina. When I mentioned to Nina that I had heard that they had recently moved to Sacramento, she said,”But, I like 53 Dawn Drive better.” That is where they lived in Pleasant Hill for 67 years and raised their 6 children there.

Ralph’s younger sister, Pat Miller “Peaches” joined Leo and Nina. Peaches says that she has no idea how she got her nickname.

Nina and Leo and their son Rick who lives in Sacramento prepare to leave the reception.

Just as we were going to leave, I thought of getting a sibling picture. Unfortunately, JIm and Beate had already left, so brother Jim is not in the picture:

Barb, Joan, Bob, and Patricia pose for a sibling picture as the reception ends.

Joan says that the party went on until 10:30 pm at her house. We headed directly back to Sacramento so that Brandon and Lisa could go out for dinner to celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary. It was also Colleen and Deke’s 2nd anniversary. But 2 years ago, Thanksgiving was on the 23rd, so they consider Thanksgiving their anniversary regardless of the date.

For the memorial Colleen thought to wear a stained glass pendant which Ralph had made and given her as a young girl, Ralph used to make beautiful Tiffany lamps using stained glass. With the scraps he made pendants such as mine which I have been wearing this week:

Stained glass pendant made by Ralph some 40 years ago.

Farewell, dear Ralph. Your family certainly loved you!


One thought on “Ralph’s Memorial (cont’d) – Sat. Nov. 30, 2019

  1. Barbara Chase November 30, 2019 at 20:28 Reply

    So often funerals and memorials tend to be family reunions at the same time. It was good that so many cousins were able to come. Thanks for all the explanations.
    Thursday I will be in Tucson for Dan’s surprise birthday. All of the sisters will be there if all goes as planned. My sister Jeanne is great about going places in spite of all her knee and hip jobs. Katy’s back gives her trouble but she was talked into coming.The only surprise I ever had was the one you did for the bridal showere. I was totally surprised.
    I’ll let you know how it goes.
    It was good that so many Canty family pictures were taken and also friends like Alice and Karen.. Vern was always the picture taker. I am not sure what I will do as I am trying to travel light as I can.

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