New Corvette?

This morning Clark and I went to lunch at Danielle’s Creperie .. neither of us had crepes. He had delicious French onion soup and a half sandwich, and I had a 3-egg Swiss cheese omelet. Service was outstanding. Our glasses were kept filled and I was impressed when I saw the young hostess picking up several small pieces of paper off the floor.

When we came back to our car, look what was parked next to us:

Clark and new Corvette with beautiful interior. I imagine this bright yellow color is easily seen by other drivers.

This is another view:

I saw some place on line that the cost of a new Corvette is from $55,000 and up.

I think I will stick with my 1995 Camry for a while longer!


One thought on “New Corvette?

  1. Barbara Chase November 11, 2019 at 19:24 Reply

    Yes stick with your Camry which is in the same era as my ’98 Subaru.
    Tom is visiting for 10 days and was here when the beautiful red, white and blue flowers arrived in Vern’s memory.
    I have intended to thank you but got very busy with Tom here. Thank you, thank you.
    We visited Vern’s grave today which was quite a nice day and flowers were everywhere because of it being Veteran’s Day.
    On another note I had a Chevette which was yellow but not as jazzy as the car next to Clark. People do notice that color. Is Clark interested in a new car?

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