Tommy’s Halloween Haul – Sat. Nov.2, 2019

Tommy and his Halloween Haul.
Thursday night Steve wrote that it was cold and snowing in Traverse City for Halloween night, so apparently turnout was low. They had only four rings of the bell all night. So, Tommy and his friends had the run of the neighborhood.

This was Tommy’s school costume – a flashback to the Formula 1 driver.
Kirsten said that it snowed as the day went on.

Several of the neighborhood boys gathered at Tommy’s (3rd from left) to carbo-load before venturing out as a group. After about 90 minutes of trick or treating, they stopped to conduct a candy community exchange.

Because of the foul weather, Tommy reported, “It we the best candy haul ever.!”

Paco didn’t get home until almost 8:00 pm from pit band rehearsal. But he had fun. The band had dinner there along with Halloween candy for the band and actors.

Tommy said that he would share some of his candy with older brother Paco.

Good for you, Tommy!


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