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Rehearsal Dinner – Sun. Sept. 29, 2019

Thursday evening was the rehearsal dinner for Erin Canty and Ryan Boule. The dinner was at the Stateline Brewery where about 50-60 people dined on salad, pasta and pizza.

The groom-to-be Ryan Boule and the bride-to-be Erin Canty at the rehearsal dinner.
Each member of the bridal party wore glow in the dark items – tiara for Erin, bracelets for the rest, which made it easy to identify the wedding party. Note Ryan’s bracelet.

Ryan Boule’s mother; Ryan and Erin; Ryan’s brother who was the best man; Bridget Canty, mother of the bride; Ryan Canty, brother of the bride.
Note that the best man and Ryan Canty are both wearing Panama hats. There were about 20 Panama hats. Apparently, Ryan Boule’s father, who died about a year ago, always wore a Panama hat, so the hats were a tribute to him.

Bridget Canty, mother of the bride and Pat Canty, grandmother of the bride. Pat’s 2nd son, the late Jim Canty, was Erin’s father.

Ryan and Erin raise a glass to the guests.

My niece Kathy Canty Brown, her husband Lloyd, and Kathy’s Mom, Pat Canty headed up to South Lake Tahoe on Thursday afternoon where they rented a 5 bedroom house a few feet from the sand of Lake Tahoe.

When they got home from the rehearsal dinner, Kathy says, “There was a 550 pound brown bear on the front porch! Luckily, Lloyd saw it before it saw it before it saw us. – We were only about 15 feet away. We slowly backed away to the car, and called the kids who were in the house and told them not to exit the house. They nervously/excitedly watched the bear throughout the front window, but were so alarmed, they did not take photos. Animal control got involved. This is how we know the suggested weight. MUCH excitement!”

Thanks to Kathy for all of the details and photos of the evening.

Barbara Canty Wheeler

Wedding of Erin Canty and Ryan Boule – Sun. Sept. 29, 2019

The bride and groom were married Friday, Sept. 27, 2019 at this spectacular setting at Heavenly Valley with a gorgeous view of Lake Tahoe. Guests arrived from South Lake Tahoe by tram shown at left in the photo.

Here are Lloyd and Kathy Canty Brown (my niece) and their family on the tram going to the wedding: Daughter Rebecca, Lloyd, son Joshua, girl friend Laura, son Lloyd and girl friend Alex, and Kathy.

Mother of the groom, Erin, and Bridget Canty, Erin’s Mom.

Erin’s brother, Ryan Canty, and her mother, Bridget, walked Erin down the aisle.

The flower girl Sloan carried a basket of petals from the bouquet of sunflowers which Kathy and her mom Pat gave Erin last Wednesday.

The Newlyweds and their Wedding Party.

The groom Ryan Boule with his groomsmen on the deck of the reception hall.

Kathy and Lloyd with Bridget, mother of the bride.

Tim Canty III, with wife Michele and twin daughters Sydney and Milan. Tim, uncle of the bride,was the oldest of Tim and Pat’s 3 children: Tim, Jim, and Kathy. Jim, the bride’s father died of ALS when Erin was 12.

The Tim and Pat Canty Family
Rebecca, Lloyd, Kathy, Bridget, Laura, Pat, Joshua, Erin, Alex, Ryan Boule, Lloyd, Tim, Ryan Canty, Sydney, Michele, and Milan.

Ryan and Erin hug their mothers after the first dance which was on the deck.

Rebecca, Joshua and Laura, Lloyd and Alex watched the dancing.

Alex and young Lloyd caught the bouquet and garter.

Erin made the placecards for each guest. This is for her grandmother, Pat Canty.

Thanks to Kathy Brown for all of the wonderful photos. Kathy says that it is the most beautiful wedding she ever attended.

Much happiness Erin and Ryan!

Barbara Canty Wheeler

Happy Wedding Day to Erin Canty and Ryan Boule – Friday, Sept 27, 2019

My sibs and I have 35 grandchildren. Erin Canty is the first of that generation to marry. Erin married Ryan Boule this afternoon at Heavenly Valley Lakeview Lodge in South Lake Tahoe. Guests were to arrive at the venue using Heavenly Valley’s Arial Tram, an 8 minute ride.

Sorry to miss this big event. I look forward to receiving pictures from my niece Kathy Canty Brown who is Erin’s aunt.

Best Wishes Erin and Ryan for a long and happy marriage!


Barbara Wheeler

Sunflowers – Wed. Sept. 25, 2019

My niece Kathy Canty Brown just sent me these pictures of herself and her mother Pat Canty at a sunflower farm in Half Moon Bay.

My sister-in-law Pat Canty. Pat is the widow of my brother Tim who was the oldest of my 3 younger brothers. Pat lives in Oakland in the house our family moved to in 1946.

Niece Kathy Canty Brown at the sunflower farm.Tim and Pat had 3 children: sons Tim III and Jim, and daughter Kathy. Kathy and her husband Lloyd Brown also live in Oakland.

Niece Kathy Brown and her Mom, Pat Canty. They cut flowers and took them to Kathy’s niece Erin Canty (Pat granddaughter) at Erin’s work. Erin is the daughter of Tim and Pat’s 2nd son Jim and Jim’s wife Bridget. Jim died of ALS in 2004.

Erin Canty with a bouquet of sunflowers from Kathy and Pat. Sunflowers are Erin’s favorite flower and she was quite excited. Erin is getting married Friday to Ryan Boule at Heavenly Valley Ski Resort in South Lake Tahoe.

Additionally, the nurses at work threw Erin a surprise potluck as it was Erin’s last day of work. Erin is also carrying flowers from the nurses.

Kathy promises to send pictures from the wedding. Thanks, Kathy!

More on Paco and Driving – Sun. Sept. 22, 2019

This morning Steve wrote, ” Paco is finishing Driver’s Ed this week and now has a permit, so he can drive with a parent.”

“The Figaro is an old Nissan that I own that is right-hand-drive since it was originally sold in Japan.”

Judy, Steve’s Mom, says, “The cutest little 🚙 car!”


Birthday Celebration for Patricia in Denver – Sat. Sept. 21, 2019

My sister Patricia’s birthday was the day before yesterday, Thursday, Sept.19th. All week long children and grandchildren have been assembling in Denver to celebrate with her.

Daughter Mary and husband Greg Gutierrez live in Denver and have been hiking in the Cotswolds in England.

Son Peter and wife, Penny, and cute dog Lulu arrived by plane last Sunday from Austin, TX. They spent the night with Patricia, then headed west for a short vacation in the mountains. They returned today from their time in Telluride and Aspen.

Son John arrived yesterday morning from Albuquerque. He took the train in from the Denver Airport, and Patricia picked him up at the local station. Then they joined Mary and Patricia’s younger daughter Betsy Davis for lunch.

Granddaughter Elena, Mary’s daughter, arrived from New York. She was in Denver to also surprise her good friend Greer on her 25th birthday which was today.

Betsy’s daughter Lilly is in her 2nd year at Colorado College in Colorado Springs
and this weekend coincided with the end of a “block” of courses. Betsy’s son Jonathan is a senior in High School in Denver.

The celebration was at son Tom’s house. Tom and Dean are both architects and have every space of their house perfectly planned. Tom was exhausted from his entertaining, but took the time to send me these photos.

Here is Patricia, the birthday girl.

Daughter Mary, son Tom, daughter Betsy, and son Peter surround Patricia.
Son John was at the celebration, but is missing from the photo. Son Joe lives in Seattle, so did not attend.

Son-in-law Dean, husband of Tom; son-in-law Josh Davis, husband of Betsy; and daughter-in-law, Penny – the “outlaws” – surround Patricia. Son-in-law Greg Gutierrez did not attend the celebration because he was at work as a physician at the city of Denver’s resort in the mountains.

On the right in the photo is granddaughter, Elena, and on the left is Elena’s good friend Greer who Tom says is hilarious.

Patricia with granddaughter Lilly and grandson Josh. Lilly is sporting a cute new haircut.

Thank you, Tom, for sending the great photos!
And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Patricia!!


Barbara Wheeler

Paco is Driving a Right Hand Drive Nissan Figaro – Sat. Sept. 21, 2019

Steve sent a video and photo of Paco driving.

Steve said in the audio that Paco’s 1st drive with Steve in the car was driving a Right hand drive Nissan Figaro.

I don’t know if Paco has his Driver’s License yet. But good job, Paco!


3 sessions of bridge – Fri. Sept. 20, 2019

People have been asking how Clark is. He still has no symptioms due to A-Fib. He takes Eliquis, a blood thinner, to prevent a stroke. Occasionally, he has flare ups of pseudo gout which is deposits of Calcium crystals in the joints in contrast to ordinary gout which is uric acid deposits. Pseudo gout is a form of arthritis. There is no treatment. Right now he is only feeling pain in his fingers.

Yesterday Clark and I played 3 sessions of bridge. Beginning at 11 am we played 24 hands during 3 1/2 hours at the Folsom Bridge Club in a memorial tournament for Al Beckner. Al was a director for many years at Folsom and before that at Citrus Heights. He was a great teacher and I took many lessons from him at the club in Citrus Heights. Clark and I had a rare 62% game and came in 2nd of 17 tables earning 3.80 Masterpoints.

Then we headed to play bridge at Enlow Ose’s house about a mile from ours. Enlow was 95 on July 30th and 3 days later he had a stroke. Clark used to play with Enlow a couple of times a month. Enlow plays the hands well, but has trouble remembering the bidding conventions. We played 9 hands there during an hour and a half.

Then we headed to the Sacramento Bridge Club for our usual Thursday night game, where we played another 24 boards during 3 1/2 hours. We had a miserable 38%. So, I guess we averaged 50% for the day. And I guess we can say that Clark is doing fine!

Yesterday was my sister Patrica’s birthday. Her family is all arriving in Denver to celebrate with her tomorrow night at son Tom’s house. Hope to get pictures from that gathering.

Belated Happy Birthday, Patricia!


Barbara Wheeler

Wheeler went to SMASH camp in AZ – Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019

Wheeler is my oldest grandson, son of my daughter Colleen. He lives in Boulder with my daughter and her husband Deke.

When I saw on Facebook that Wheeler went to SMASH camp, I had to ask Colleen what SMASH camp is. She said, “The video game that he’s been playing since 2001 is Super Smash Bros Melee. It’s considered a classic game and there’s an entire culture built around it. He went with his Colorado Smash friends to AZ to a camp for the weekend.” Since Wheeler was born in 1996, he must have begun playing the game since he was 5!

The SMASH camp was at Friendly Pines Camp in Prescott, AZ. There was a lake:

and woods:

Wheeler (on the right)and his friend, Trey Visger, enjoy a moment in the woods.

Looks like Trey and Wheeler coordinated their outfits.

Wheeler (6ft 9in guy in back) with his SMASH BASH friends.

They are intent on the video.

These pictures were posted on Facebook by Sarah Ligtning Mayfield.
Thanks, Sarah.
Barbara Wheeler

Ralph and Joan’s 61st Anniversary – Sun. Sept.15, 2019

A week ago Friday, September 6, 2019, was Ralph and Joan’s 61st wedding anniversary. All 5 of their children visited Ralph at Manor Care in Walnut Creek during the weekend beginning with a visit on Friday afternoon from son Alan who lives in nearby Orinda. Son Dave and Muffy from Portland arrived Friday evening to begin a weekend of helping Joan with chores around the house.

Joan and Ralph on their 61st anniversary. Daughter Janet Keeter made an anniversary Watergate pie which Ralph seemed to enjoy.

Son Ken from Scotts Valley visited with his new puppy.

Daughter Ginny from nearby Pleasant Valley organized a dinner Saturday evening back at Joan’s condo in Alamo. Ginny’s husband Ron barbecued and the others contributed.

2 weeks ago Joan had the walls of her condo painted white. Previously the walls were what Joan called ‘paper bag brown’ which Joan found depressing. Joan waited until the walls were painted white to mount any pictures.

Joan is admiring her pictures newly hung on her recently painted white walls. Dave and Muffy helped her put up 11 pictures in the hall, dining area, and bathrooms.

Thanks to Joan and Janet for the pictures.