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Clark had Cardio Version Today – Fri. August 30, 2019

Clark reported in at 11:30 this morning to Sutter General Hospital to have the cardio version to try to jolt his heart out of Atrial Fibrillation, A-Fib. The woman doing the admitting escorted us to the cardiac cath unit in another building. The procedure was to be done at 2 pm under general anesthetic and to only last for a few minutes.

We were assigned to cubby hole #10. They did an EKG and inserted ports for an IV, etc. About 12:45 pm, Dr. Richard Ericson, the cardiologist, came by. He said that the important thing will be how Clark feels in a couple of weeks. If Clark doesn’t feel any better, then there is no point in trying to keep him in normal rhythm.

They ran late, and at about 2:45 pm 2 male nurses said that they would be assisting Dr. Ericson with the procedure. They wheeled Clark into the adjacent cubby hole #11. They told me to stay in cubby hole #10. In about 10 minutes I saw Dr. Ericson walk by. Next thing I knew Dr. Ericson stopped by and told me that the cardio version went well! They had restored the heart to normal rhythm with one jolt. I thought that they were going to wheel Clark down the hall to some procedure room. But, the doctor said there was a problem with that room, and they just used #11.

After a few minutes Clark woke up and felt pretty good. Back in cubby hole #10, they did another EKG and the heart was still in normal rhythm. The nurse gave Clark juice and a turkey sandwich. The nurse said they no longer provide ice cream. We left the parking garage at 4:30 this afternoon.

On the way home Clark mentioned that there was a place on Folsom Blvd that had a ToGos and Baskin-Robbins ice cream.

Clark in his lucky Giants shirt.

Do you think 2…? Clark answered his own question and just took 1 quart of very berry strawberry ice cream.

Clark wants to play bridge tomorrow!


Paco in Marching Band – Friday, August 30, 2019

A couple of days ago Paco participated as a drummer in the marching band at the first football game of the season at Traverse City High School.

That is grandson Paco in front with his snare drum, all spiffy in his marching band uniform.

Paco is the drummer in the right.

That beret is fetching!!


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Biba dies at 82 – Thurs. August 29, 2019

My niece Janet Keeter sent this link this morning to an article that was in the Sacramento Bee. Glad that she sent it because the article was not in today’s printed copy of the Bee. I wrote in an earlier blog about going to dinner at Biba’s. As we were leaving I stopped in the restroom, and when I came out, Clark was sitting there waiting for me, and Biba was running her fingers through Clark’s beautiful hair. Even with Alzheimer’s Biba worked hosting and greeting customers. I wish that I had taken a picture of that.

Janet just wrote that she recounted this story to a friend last week, so the friend and her boyfriend went to Biba’s for his birthday dinner.

Biba’s Restaurant is in this lovely Tudor building at 28th and Capitol in Sacramento.

Sacramento will miss Biba!


Happy Birthday, Joan!!

Today is my sister Joan’s birthday. My sister Patricia is 11+ months older than Joan. So my younger sisters are the same numerical age until Patricia’s birthday on Sept. 19th.

Here is a very glamourous picture of Joan which her daughter Janet Smith posted on Facebook this morning.
I like the swing away hair on the sides.


Celebrating Brandon’s 52nd – Sat. August 24, 2019

Last night Lisa and her Mom Joleen cooked dinner for Brandon’s 52nd birthday which was on Thursday, the 22nd. I had suggested to Brandon that I take them out for dinner. But, he said they would rather cook at home where he does the barbecuing Joleen marinated filet mignons for Brandon, Clark, and herself which Brandon cooked for 3 different lengths of time. He has it figured out so that they all get done at the same time. Lisa fixed a yummy Tuscan Buttered Shrimp for herself and me.

Joleen fixed a riso spinach appetizer which was like a frittata, and which I will make in the future with riced cauliflower which I buy frozen at Costco. So, I have 2 new recipes.

Clark, Beckett, and Brandon areready for dinner.

Joleen, Barb, Clark, Beck, and Brandon are about to eat.

Brandon and Beck are ready to blow out the candles. Since neither Brandon nor I eat dessert, Lisa bought 2 mini-bundt cakes.

Brandon and Beck blowing out the candles.

Lisa is retrieving a match from Beckett.

Conversation was lively with lots of laughs. .. .. a fun evening.


Ken Smith and new dog Millie visit Ralph – Friday, August 23, 2018

Last weekend Joan and Ralph’s son Ken and wife Anne and their 3 children, Alec, Caroline, and Kyle visited Ralph and Joan in Walnut Creek. Ken and Anne live in Scotts Valley near Santa Cruz. The main purpose of their visit was to show Ralph their new dog, Millie. Millie is a pitt bull/Staffordshire terrier.

Ken Smith showing his dog Millie to his Dad Ralph. Millie was 12 weeks old at the time of the picture.

Ralph really enjoyed getting to pet the dog. When daughter Ginny Smith Haynes visits from nearby Pleasant Hill, she helps Joan push Ralph up the hill to the dog park behind Manor Care. The dog park belongs to Rossmoor, so it is fenced. And Ralph can only look at the dogs, and not touch them.

Ginny, Anne, Kyle (seated), Caroline, Alex holding Millie, Ken (seated), Joan, and Ralph at Manor Care.

Happy August 23rd birthday to both Kirsten Keilitz in Traverse City and to Scott Muldavin who is traveling in Scotland. We celebrated Brandon’s birthday tonight. He turned 52 yesterday. Hope to post those pictures tomorrow.


Happy Birthday, DD20!!! – Sun. August 18, 2019

Today is the 20th birthday of the daughter of my niece Monica McCarty. Monica is my brother Jim’s daughter. When Monica writes about her daughter on Facebook, she refers to her daughter as DD18 or DD19 and now it will be DD20: her Darling Daughter who is 20.

DD20 has just completed 2 years as an archaeology student at the University of Durham in northern England. She is home for the summer and spent the weekend celebrating with her friends in Yosemite before topping off the day with her parents in the Bay Area.

Happy Birthday, DD20!