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Big Time in Traverse City, MI

Tonight I was watching MSNBC after the Democrats debated. Suddenly, Brian Williams on MSNBC was interviewing Michael Moore at length in Traverse City, MI. I texted Kirsten to tell her. She said that it is big time in little Traverse City right now with Michael Moore having a film festival there.

Paco watched Star Wars Return of the Jedi in the bayside park last night. And tommy will see Back to the Future in the park while at a birthday party on Friday.

Traverse City keeps popping up in the news and I had never heard of it until 4 years ago.


Guess who is 85 today? – Sat. July 27, 2019

Clark and I spent my 85th birthday by attending a lecture by Gerry Fox of Napa who was speaking at the Folsom Bridge Club today at 11 am. He is an excellent lecturer. The title of his talk was, “Count, Dracula!”, on counting cards, counting points etc. As we got out of the car, I heard someone call, “Barbara” and it was my Wed, night bridge partner, Madelynn Burton. Madelynn rarely makes that long 18 mi drive to the Folsom Bridge Club (which is actually in Orangevale), but her occasional partner had talked her in to attending the lecture. I had talked Sharan Fleming, my Friday partner, into attending.

Clark and I then stayed for the bridge game. Madelynn told the director that today was my birthday and he announced it to the players as we began to play. So, as I arrived at each of the 7 tables, I received congratulations from the other players.

We had tentative plans to go to Granite Bay to Hawks restaurant which gets very high reviews for the food, though it is pricey. But, it wasn’t going to open for dinner until 5 pm and we were finished with bridge about 3:30 pm. So, another player suggested a relatively new restaurant called Oak Water in the same Quarry Ponds Shopping Center as Hawks.

Barbara and Clark enjoying an early dinner at Oak Water restaurant.
I ordered a Cobb salad with salmon (very rare) and gave Clark part of my salad. The salmon was rare the way I like it and melted in my mouth.

In back of the restaurant is a lovely pond which fills an old quarry:

Barb and Clark with view of a pond filling the old quarry. The waitress knew exactly where we should sit. She takes lots of such pictures for customers.

Thanks for all of the birthday cards, phone calls, texts, and emails!


Photo of Janet and Steve, Ken and Anne, Lisa, Brandon and Beck – Fri. July 26, 2019

I just received this photo from my niece, Janet Smith Keeter, with the caption, “Look who we bumped into in Santa Cruz!!”Janet and husband Steve Keeter were visiting her brother, Ken Smith, and wife Anne, who live in Scotts Valley near Santa Cruz. Brandon, Lisa, Beck and Joleen have been spending the week on the Santa Cruz Beach as has been their custom for the past few years.

Lisa, Ken Beck, Anne, Steve, Janet, and Brandon in Santa Cruz where it is 70 degrees. Our high in Sacramento was 96.

Incidentally, Happy Birthday, Steve!!!


Paco Pitching – Thurs. July 25, 2019

That is Paco on the mound pitching in the 3rd inning today.
He caught the ball on a bounce and threw to 1st for the out. He hit a pop fly during his first time up.The other team is made up of varsity players from public and catholic high schools in the area.

That is Paco coming home on a bases loaded walk. Paco had had a nice base hit to get on base.
The other team had graduated Seniors going on to play ball at Community Collelges hoping to transfer to Division 1.

As I wrote in a comment yesterday, the name of Clark’s urologist is Patrick Sean Kilday, not Gilday. Clark is feeling pretty good.


Clark Surgery Follow-up – Wed. July 24, 2019

Today Clark had an appointment with Dr. Patrick Gilday who removed the tumor from Clark’s bladder last week and also removed a large stone in Clark’s right ureter. The cancer in the bladder was low grade, non invasive, and papillary.* No further treatment is needed at this time. *papillary tumor
listen (PA-pih-LAYR-ee TOO-mer)A tumor that looks like long, thin “finger-like” growths. These tumors grow from tissue that lines the inside of an organ. Papillary tumors may be benign (not cancer) or malignant (cancer). Papillary tumors occur most often in the bladder, thyroid, and breast, but they may occur in other parts of the body as well.Dr. Gilday wants to do a cystoscopy in 3 months to look inside the bladder. So, Clark’s next appointment for that is on Thursday, Oct. 24th with Dr. Kilday.Dr. Gilday also pulled the string to remove the stent he had put in the ureter. This should help with pain which Clark had been experiencing.Dr. Gilday also ordered an ultrasound of the kidneys to be done in 3 months. Clark does have kidney stones.

It is ok for Clark to resume taking Eliquis, the blood thinner. Clark has an appointment on August 15th with, Dr. Ericson, the Cardiologist. So, we assume Clark will learn more then about having the cardio version.

Clark played bridge both yesterday and today. He was much happier being active than moping around the house. He is tired, but happy.


Paco’s Playoff Baseball Game – Mon. July 22, 2019

Paco at Bat tonight, July 22, 2019 in playoff game for American Legion Summer Rec Ball.
Paco had a good hit, but there was a good catch by the fielder. Paco had 3 at bats, 2 deep fly balls that got caught and one line drive between 3rd and short.

Paco is the Catcher in this photo. He caught the last 3 innings.
Paco caught 2 po[-up foul balls in one inning. His team won 8-3.

I just finished watching an exciting Giants – Cubs game where the Giants won in the 9th inning. And they are now over .500 in wins.


Steve and Tommy Enjoying Christmas Cove – sun. July 21, 2019

Kirsten just sent this photo on her way back to Traverse City:

Steve and Tommy are enjoying a swim in Christmas Cove, their “ocean” – Lake Michigan.
I was shocked when I first saw Lake Michigan with ocean like waves. It was quite a contrast to calm Lake Merritt in Oakland.