Last Day of School; Happy Father’s Day – Sun. June 16, 2019

Tommy and Paco on the last day of 4th and 9th grades.
Kirsten said that it was a chilly 51 degrees last Friday on the last day of school. I think that it was about 91 degrees here in Sacramento. Kirsten said that Tommy was not happy that school was getting out. But, Paco responded, “Wait until you have exams, and you will be happy.” I am thrilled to hear that Tommy likes school.

Paco and Tommy ready for 51 degree weather?

Tommy was named “Marvelous Mathematician” by his teacher. Paco received a scholar/athlete award at his baseball banquet last Thursday night.

Paco auditioned to earn a spot in the snare drum section for the marching band. Drum camp starts tomorrow along with a weights and conditioning program at the high school. Tommy has a week off before starting day camp and a 4-day soccer camp on June 24th.

We celebrated Father’s Day by playing bridge. We were average of the 10 pairs and took home a fraction of a Master Point. Afterwards, we went to Sushi Hook with 3 other bridge players, Dave Vidaver, Elizabeth Sachs, and Denis Racine. I had my usual hamachi kama which was exceptionally good today. Clark loves the udon noodle bowl and had some sushi, too.

To come: Tommy’s sailing field trip.
Happy Father’s Day to all!

2 thoughts on “Last Day of School; Happy Father’s Day – Sun. June 16, 2019

  1. Barbara Chase June 16, 2019 at 20:29 Reply

    It’s good to read about loving school and Paco’s Words of Wisdom to his young brother.Quite a contrast between the 50 and 90 degree weather.
    We’ve had lovely weather starting at 60 and ending in low 70s which would seem cold in Sacramento.
    Flowers have been gorgeous in May/June. Only bad thing-the weeds love the weather also.

  2. George and Sharon June 18, 2019 at 16:15 Reply

    Tommy and Paco are such good looking young men. Sharan

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