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Skiing at Sierra-at-Tahoe – Sat. March 30, 2019

Yesterday was team Haas’ final day in Sacramento and the weather cooperated. They were able to spend the day skiing at Sierra-at-Tahoe on Hwy 50 at Twin Bridges, just east of Camp Sacramento. It ia about an hour and a half drive east of Sacramento.

On the drive up.

Paco, Steve, and Tommy were waiting in a long line. Tommy doesn’t look too happy.

Tommy. Now the smiles are out.

Paco. He is smiling, too.

Steve, Tommy, and Paco in the 43 degree temperature with Lake Tahoe in the background.

Lake Tahoe.


Kirsten, Steve, Tommy, and Paco taking a quick rest break with Lake Tahoe at their backs.

Tommy has the snow to himself.



Steve and Tommy at the end of the ski day.

Thanks to Steve and Kirsten for all of the wonderful photos. I especially liked Kirsten’s labelling and editing.

They stopped by here on their way back to their B ‘n B. Clark asked the boys what the difference was between skiing here and in Michigan. They said that the runs were longer here. The temperature was warmer. And there was sun here.

They flew out of Sacramento at 6:10 am this morning. There was a very brief stop in Phoenix where they changed planes with not much time for the switch, but they made it and landed in Grand Rapids where they left their car. Then they drove the 2+ hours to Traverse City.

It was a fun visit. The boys have grown so much in the 2 years since we have seen them. And we heartily approve of Steve’s choice in Kirsten!


TopGolf – Fri. March 29, 2019

The original plan was to ski yesterday on Thursday. But, the weather was bad in the mountains and Hwy 50 required chains. So, instead Team Haas stayed in town.

They began the day with another visit to In-n-Out Burger – Kirsten’s first. Looks like Tommy had another Flying Dutchman.

Tommy having his Flying Dutchman. I don’t think that all 3 of those burgers are for Paco.

After burgers, they paid a visit to a Tesla showroom.

Dreaming and asking good questions while visiting a Tesla showroom.

The first time that Steve had driven a Tesla was when he drove Lisa Fass’ Tesla to pick up Alan at the Bart Station on Tuesday. Tommy was thrilled to ride in the Tesla.

As an alternative to skiing, Cindy had suggested that they go to TopGolf in Roseville. It is a high tech driving range. You hit micro-chipped golf balls into giant targets in the outfield to score points.

Paco is getting lined up.

Tommy is perfecting his stance.

Nice finish, Dad!!

Nice that the rain let up for a while to get outdoors.

Happy Birthday, Janet!!

Today is my niece Janet Smith Keeter’s birthday.
She celebrated the day skiing at Squaw.

Janet skiing at Squaw.
Janet said that it was one of the best days of skiing – no complaining about conditions.

Steve and team Haas skied up at Sierra-at-Tahoe on Hwy 50. (Pictures later.)
They just had dinner here and we said our goodbyes. Their plane leaves at 6:10 am tomorrow morning.


Pictures from Yesterday’s Punch Bowl Social – Thurs. Mar.28, 2019

As I wrote yesterday, the Haas gang met Cindy and Shannon and families in downtown Sacramento at a place called the Punch Bowl Social near the Golden One Center.

Here are the kids all ready for dinner:

Shannon’s son Mateo and daughter Kellyn, Cindy’s daughters, Julia, Lauren, and Rachel, Paco and Tommy.

Seated at a high top table for dinner are Kellyn, Mateo, Paco, Tommy, Kirsten, Chris (Shannon’s husband). Across from Chris is Shannon, thenLauren, Rachel, and Julia. (Sorry ,picture won’t post.) While they waited, the restaurant provided a game called Jenga. Kirsten tells me that Jenga is a game of rectangular blocks that are stacked in rows of three in alternating direction to make a tower. Players then take turns removing one block at a time trying not to cause the tower to fall.

The adults tried to exercise some restraint and shared this creation of snickerdoodle and chocolate chip pecan cookies sandwiching salted caramel ice cream with Heath crumbles from Cream.

After dinner Paco and Tommy bowled right there in the bowling alley at Punch Bowl Social.

Tommy received a bowling lesson from big brother.

Tommy posed for a picture in front of the Golden One Center where the Sacramento Kings play basketball.

Then they walked to Old Sacramento with Lauren directing them to Candy Heaven where they all had samples and Tommy made some careful purchases. After that, team Haas went to much anticipated Cream, an ice cream shop in the Howe bout Arden Shopping Center. The boys remember the one in Davis where the cookies sandwiching the ice cream were warmer. I had never heard of Cream. Young people introduce new experiences.


Punch Bowl Social – Wed. March 27, 2019

This afternoon Steve, Kirsten, Paco, and Tommy met Shan and Cindy and their families at a place in downtown Sacramento called the Punch Bowl Social. It is located at 500 J St., right near the Golden One Center, home of the Sacramento Kings basketball team. The Punch Bowl Social has a restaurant, bowling alley, darts, pool, etc.

After dinner they bowled with Paco instructing his little brother on how to do it. Steve and Kirsten sent pictures, but I am having trouble posting them.


Shocking News – Wed. Mar. 27, 2019

I was just reading an article on the 2nd page of today’s Sacramento Bee entitled “Pedestrians killed in Carmichael crash were neighbors on morning walk.” For 14 years from 1965 to 1979 we lived at 2104 Hamlet Place in Carmichael, a suburb of Sacramento. One of the woman who was killed was Peggy McClendon, our next door neighbor. Her daughter, Nicole, a year older than Erin, used to play with Erin every day.

Peggy was on a walk on Arden Way near Gary Way at 9:20 am last Friday when a 16 year old girl unexpectedly swerved into Peggy and her next door neighbor, Marie Beckman, both 72. I googled Marie Beckman, and she did indeed live in our old house.

What a shock.


Happy Birthday, Deke! – Tues. March 26, 2019

Happy Birthday to my son-in-law Colleen’s husband who is 50+ today. We celebrated his 50th in Sacramento at Ruth Chris’ steak house a few years ago.

Today is also the birthday of my father, Timothy J. Canty, who was born in 1900 on a farm in Port Kenyon near Ferndale in Humboldt County. He was drafted into the Army in World War ! in Oct. 1918 and was stationed in Oakland. He was in the Army less than 2 months because Armistice was signed on Nov. 11th and he was discharged in Dec.

After that he enrolled in St. Mary’s College than on Broadway in Oakland, and he remained in Oakland for the rest of his life.