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Happy 15th Birthday, Paco!! – Thurs.Feb.28/Mar.1, 2019

Paco is a Leapling born on Feb. 29, 2004. So, sometime tonight he turns 15.

Paco at his old computer. The plan is to save birthday money for a new computer.

Paco and Tommy at dinner out in Traverse City, MI, tonight, Feb.28th.

Paco and Tommy out of his shell.

Steve says that Paco will get his braces off in a couple of weeks. What a handsome 15 year old!

A prejudiced grandmother,

Farewell, Ruby – Sat. Feb. 23, 2019

On Wednesday, my niece Janet Keeter posted on Facebook that she and husband Steve had said good-bye to their wonderful dog, Ruby. She was 15 1/2 years old.

Erin used to love to dog-sit Ruby. Janet and Steve would drop Ruby in Davis to stay with Erin and her family while Janet and Steve travelled.

Today Janet sent me this photo of Clark with Ruby taken on our front lawn. Janet remembers it being hot. I checked my photos and found out that it was taken 6 1/2 years ago on Aug. 12, 2012. So, indeed a hot day in August in Sacramento would not be unusual.

Ruby and Clark relaxing in the shade – Aug. 12, 2012

Janet and her Mom and Dad, (my sister Joan and husband Ralph) had been at Janet’s place in Tahoe Donner.
They stopped by to see Erin on their way home to the Bay Area. Erin was on hospice then and taking a steroid that caused her to be bloated.

Here are some other pictures from Ruby’s visit:

Clark with Ruby, Barb, Joan, and Ralph

Ralph, Joan, Janet, and Ruby surround Erin.

Ralph, Joan, Janet, Clark in charge of Ruby; Erin

Farewell, dear Ruby.


Colleen is Returning to Denver – Fri. Feb. 22, 2019

We have just dropped Colleen at the United counter, and I waited until a wheelchair that she ordered arrived. So last I saw her she was being pushed away, headed for her flight.

I was reading last night about recuperating from an open appendectomy. And it says to not lift anything over 10 pounds. Colleen usually got to her suitcases before I did. I warned the pusher to not let her lift her suitcases.

It was nice to have her recuperating here for four days. Clark says he really enjoys her company. Says she is fun to have around.

A solicitous mother,
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Tom and his Harem – Thurs. Feb. 21, 2019

This is a photo that I missed putting into the 50 Reasons Why We Love Tom. This photo was taken July 14, 2017 in Denver on the occasion of Tom’s 1st cousin Janet Keeter’s visit to Denver. I think that Janet was one of the people who said that Tom gave good architectural tours of Denver.

Betsy Tom Colleen Janet Mary and Patricia

Barbara Wheeler

The Zavadils Celebrate Tom’s 50 Birthday – Wed. Feb. 20, 2019

Last Sat. on Tom’s 50th birthday he began the day by going with his Mom, his older sister Mary Gutierrez, his younger sister Betsy Davis, the middle of his 3 older brothers Peter, the youngest of his 3 older brothers John, and spouses, and niece Elena Gutierrez whom Tom calls Nee-Nee to the Museum of Outdoor Art in Denver.

The Zavadils in the lobby of the Denver Museum of Outdoor Art .. which is indoors – Sat. Feb. 16, 2019
Peter Z, Elena and boyfriend Jonathan, John Z, Betsy and Josh Davis, Patricia, Greg and Mary Gutierrez
Tom and Dean
Brother Pete was visiting from Austin, TX. Niece Elena and boyfriend Jonathan flew in from NY. John flew from Albuquerque. Sisters Betsy and Mary live in Denver.

50 year old Tom and his mother, Patricia … someone said something funny

In the evening the party was at Mary and Greg’s house in Denver. The theme was to dress like 1987 … the year that Tom graduated from high school.

Greg Gutierrez as a Blues Brother, Tom, Mary Gutierrez dressed as Rosanna Arquette in the old Madonna Movie, “Desperately Seeking Susan”.
Tom was wearing a skinny tie, a Hands Across America button, Class of ’87 pin, and Swatch button which were all saved from high school. That is Tom’s real hair aided by some product to stand straight up.

Tom and younger sister, Betsy
Tom says that he and Betsy used to pose like this for pictures all of the time, right down to the expressions on their faces.

Peter and Tom
Pete said that he was the teenage villain in a John Hughes movie .. douchebag

Tom and Dean

Dean was wearing vintage Guess overalls and a washed silk shirt that he had held on to (and fit into) all of these years.

Thank you, Tom, for fulfilling my request for photos and for the great explanations of them.


Colleen: I Left My Appendix in SF – Monday, Feb. 18, 2019

Colleen’s surgery was around 10 am yesterday and lasted a little over an hour. The appendix did not actually burst, but was so inflamed that they could not do the surgery laporoscopically.

She was due to be dismissed around noon today, but around 1 pm she wrote that Deke was seeing “spots” and his blood pressure was sky high. So, they sent him off to make sure he wasn’t having a stroke. Then they sent him to an ophthalmologist to make sure it was safe for him to drive.

They arrived here in Sacramento about 8 pm. Colleen said there were no stitches, just glue and tape, but she hurt and the incision was very tender. She can’t bend over to pick up things. I had made seafood stew, but she said she had just been having liquids and she had plenty of waters. She just wanted to go right to bed.

Ala Tony Bennett, Colleen is singing, “I left my appendix in San Francisco”.


Happy 23rd Birthday, Wheeler! – Mon. Feb.18, 2019

Today is the 23rd birthday of Colleen’s son and my grandson, Wheeler Strand.

I remember feeling so old at 23. Most of my friends got married at 22, right out of college. I was about to turn 30 when I got married. Things have changed in 60 years.