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Haas Family Dines al Fresco in Michigan – Tues. Jan. 29, 2019

I asked Steve to send a recent picture of Paco and Tommy for me to post on the blog because I found out that Paco’s 4th cousins in Mallow, Ireland, check out the blog now and then to find out how Paco is doing. In 2007 when Paco was 3 years old, we all went to Ireland for a Canty family reunion. Paco played hurling with these cousins, Séan O’Connell now 15, and Kevin O’Connell now 14. They are the grandsons of my 2nd cousin Eily Canty Coakley. Eily’s grandfather, Jeremiah Canty remained in Ireland whereas his younger brother, my grandfather, Michael Canty came to San Francisco in 1881.

Paco, Tommy, Kirsten, and Steve Haas in an inflatable igloo a few weeks ago.

Steve says that a local restaurant puts these igloos up for “Outdoor dining” in the winter. Tommy was very impressed. Steve says that Paco looks totally normal again.

I asked if Paco had been skiing since the accident on Jan.5th. Steve says that Paco has not been skiing yet. It has just been too cold.The snow all melted, then they had a huge cold front come through. They now have a lot of snow, but it is 3 degrees F outside. They haven’t been to school since last Thursday due to winter storms.

Here are some of the items that they made this week with the 3D printer which Tommy got for Christmas:

Here are a few more:

And here is a closeup:

And we had 65 degrees and sun in Sacramento today.


Paco Healing Nicely – Fri. Jan. 11, 2019

6 days after his fall while skiing, Paco’s face is healing nicely.

I also asked Joan if the iv antibiotic was helping Ralph. She said it is a little. The doctor told them yesterday that tests showed aspiration pneumonia plus a fungus infection. The antibiotic helps with the staph infection and with the pneumonia, but the doctor added another anti-fungal medicine.


News of a Marriage – Tues. Jan.8, 2019

I am happy to report the exciting news that Steve Haas and his girl friend of the past couple of years, Kirsten Keilitz, got married last Aug. 31st. Erin and I met Kirsten at Christmas 2 years ago when Steve and Kirsten dropped off the boys. We were very favorably impressed.

Kirsten is a Domestic Relations Referee for Grand Traverse County in Michigan.

I was wondering if Paco went back to school after his fall while skiing. Steve said that school was cancelled yesterday and today due to the weather. The swelling on Paco’s face is gone; just the scratches remain. It seems to be healing well.

Congratulations, Steve and Kirsten!! Much happiness.


Paco Ski Accident – Mon. Jan. 7, 2019

I called Steve yesterday when Patricia asked if the boys have been skiing this season. Indeed they have. Steve said that Friday night the whole family went to a resort to spend the night.

The above picture of Paco and Tommy was taken Saturday morning before they went skiing.

Here are Tommy and Paco before attacking the slope.

Saturday morning Paco did one of his jumps again and landed on the right side of his face.

Here are Paco and Tommy at the ski patrol just after the accident. The ski patrol said that Paco didn’t have a concussion and hadn’t broken any bones. To get a second opinion Steve took Paco to Urgent Care, and they concurred that there was no concussion.

This was Paco Sunday morning. The swelling was worse, but Paco claimed that it didn’t hurt.

Poor Paco was supposed to go back to school today. What a way to end his Christmas vacation!


Visit with Joan and Ralph – Sun. Jan. 6, 2019

We left the Hyatt in Monterey this morning in light rain. This was the view of the 17th green at Del Monte Golf Course as we passed through the breezeway on the way to the elevator.

Foreground: 17th fairway and green at Del Monte Golf Course.

Clark drove to Walnut Creek in steady wind and rain to see my sister Joan and her husband Ralph who is in Manor Care in Walnut Creek. Right now Ralph is on a 6 week course of iv antibiotic treatment to fight a staph infection. Ralph mostly sleeps, but he got a big smile on his face as we walked into his room.

Ralph will be 89 in March, but still has mostly brown hair with a little gray on top. Joan feeds him his pureed lunch and dinner every day.’

We rode in Joan’s yellow Toyota Scion to go to lunch at the diner in the shopping center across the street from Manor Care. Clark is walking quite spritely with his cane.

Patricia and Joan had omelets as did I. Clark was excited to have chicken chow mein – his first Chinese food in months.

Clark did a good job of driving home in pouring rain and wind. He couldn’t go more than 50 mph in areas where we usually go 70 mph. When we arrived home about 5 pm, the lights were out. After I dug around for candles and got them lit, the lights came on, but only briefly. They went out again after about 20 minutes. An hour later they came on again, but went out after 20 min. Finally, about 8 pm they came on and have stayed on for a couple of hours.

Patricia is having her candlelight dinner of wine and cheese and cold cuts, tuna salad, and veggies.

I talked to Steve tonight. Patricia had asked if the boys were skiing yet this season. When Paco was skiing Saturday, he had a bad fall and badly skinned his face. Pictures tomorrow.


2nd Place! – Sat. Jan.5, 2019

Tonight we finally had some success at the bridge tournament in Monterey. I played for 4 days with Patricia and earned a grand total of 1/2 a Masterpoint. On Thursday Clark and I played 2 sessions and had about 49% in each session, but it wasn’t good enough to “scratch” (earn masterpoints.)

Our friends Denise Pitsch from Mountain View and Clara Chang from Palo Alto arrived yesterday and we played 2 sessions yesterday with them. Today we played bracketed Swiss teams with them. Our bracket, bracket 4, had 9 teams. We were the bottom of the bracket in masterpoints, but managed to come in 2nd of the 9 teams.

Barbara Wheeler, Patricia Zavadil, Denise Pitsch, and Clara Chang stand in front of the chart showing the results. Patricia and Denise are pointing to the name Pitsch, our captain. We had 104 Victory Points out of a possible 160, and won the match against 6 of the 8 teams that we played.

Clara’s mother, Dorothy Sun, was one of the 2 other women in my upper division Physics classes at Berkeley. Clara is a live wire. At dinner tonight, at Pepper’s restaurant in Pacific Grove, I wanted to dump some of the broth out of my snapper Veracruz. Clara raised her hand and asked the waitress for a bowl. Then a little later when Denise and I wanted water refills, Clara signaled the waiter again.

Tomorrow we head home stopping to see my sister Joan and her husband Ralph in Walnut Creek.

It has been a fun week.