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Snow in Traverse City; Sun in Monterey – Mon. Dec. 31, 2018

Steve just sent Happy New Year’s greetings along with this photo of a snowman. He said that they are expecting 8 inches of snow tonight in Traverse City, MI.

Clark, Patricia, and I arrived in sunny Monterey, CA, a couple of hours ago. Temperature is 53 degrees.

This was the view as we hit the coast at Seaside, just north of Monterey.

Another view of the Seaside coast. That motel has a sad story for me. Brandon Sr. and I were attending his Math Conference in Monterey about 1982. And I left my mother’s Aunt Georgia’s 100 year old gold pocket watch in the bedside table. When I called, they said that they hadn’t found it.

Below is a view from our room at the Hyatt located on the Old Del Monte Golf Course which is the oldest course west of the Mississippi.

The red tile roof peeking through the trees on the right is the Convention Center where the bridge tournament takes place.

Happy New Year to all!

Hello, Patricia! Good-bye Deke, Colleen, and Wheeler – Sat. Dec. 29, 2018

My sister Patricia arrived from Denver about 3 this afternoon. For dinner we headed to Zócalo – UV in the new University Village. Colleen, Deke, and Wheeler had not eaten there before. Brandon, Lisa, and Beckett joined us, also. Service was good as always, and the food tasty and reasonable.

Patricia, Wheeler, Deke, Brandon, Beckett, Lisa, Colleen, Barb, and Clark all enjoyed guacamole and are waiting for their dinner.

Tomorrow afternoon Deke, Colleen, and Wheeler head back home to Boulder. Great to have their visit!


Pictures to go with our day of Colleen feeding us – Sat. Dec. 29, 2018

I made some changes to the iCloud settings and got recent pictures back on my computer. These are the pictures that go with my blog entry of Thurs. Dec. 27th.This was the Italian Wedding Soup which we had for lunch. I see some vowels, so Colleen didn’t follow Clark’s suggestion to remove the vowels from the alphabet soup mix.
These were the ham and potato casserole which Colleen left us for our dinner. Clark loves having the ham on hand to make sandwiches.
Deke and Colleen played a small board game while they were waiting for dinner to cook. When they finished the game, they headed back to their hotel, leaving us our dinner.
Clark eagerly ate the ham and potatoes. He has been using a cane for the past few days to ease the pressure on his back. He still talk about how much fun it was to chat with Colleen while she was cooking.


Colleen & Deke & FOOD – Thursday, Dec. 27, 2018

Colleen and Deke arrived in the early afternoon yesterday bearing 5 grocery bags of food from Trader Joe’s and SaveMart. Colleen went to work immediately preparing Italian wedding soup, made with Italian meat balls, small pasta, and spinach. Colleen used alphabet soup for the pasta. Clark told her to leave the vowels out! She brought a supply of baguette bread for Clark.

After we had had our delicious soup lunch, Colleen insisted that we take naps while she prepared our dinner. For dinner she had bought a Farmer John’s spiral sliced ham half. She poured a small bottle of coke over it to form a glaze as it baked. She also cooked a potato casserole made of hash browns, sour cream, cheddar cheese, and topped with crushed potato chips.

Clark commented today about how much he enjoyed watching Colleen cook and talking to her in the kitchen as she worked. He also loves having all of this food on hand. Right now he is snacking on ham slices and baguette slices spread with butter.

I took some pictures, but for some reason they have not transferred from my phone to the computer. 3 times I tried sending them to the blog directly from my phone, but have been unsuccessful. So, no illustrations with this post.

Thank you, Colleen!!


Christmas at Jim and Deb’s- Tuesday. Dec. 25, 2018

Late this afternoon Clark and I went to Jim and Deb Muldavin’s in Land Park here is Sacramento. Jim is the oldest of Clark’s 4 sons Their daughter Elana was home from LA. Deb made lentil soup and JIm always buys lots of appetizers from Corti’s Italian supermarket. At Corti’s he also bought the elegant fudge torte which Deb is carrying:

Deb Keller Muldavin and Jim Muldavin prepare for dessert.

Scott Muldavin and Sue Ragen Muldavin and their daughter Julia Muldavin.
Scott and Sue were up from Marin County.

Cousins Elana Muldavin and Julia Muldavin. In the background: proud Grandfather Clark.
Elana graduated from Occidental College 3 years ago and has worked in the LA area since. She currently is involved with a program that makes sure pre-schoolers are prepared for kindergarten.
Julia is about to begin a job in Washington DC as a journalist for AJ+. AJ+ is an online news and current events channel run by Al Jazeera Media Network. She has been working as a journalist in South America since graduating from UC Santa Cruz 5 or 6 years ago.

Merry Christmas to all.

Merry Christmas!! – Tuesday, Dec.25, 2018

Beckett and Snuggle Bunny

This is what I saw when I checked out Facebook this morning. Last night Brandon posted this on Facebook:

Beckett calls this Smashbot. Beck says Smashbot uses an umbrella even though he is a waterproof model. Beck wanted to look “fancy”. Beck was disappointed that the umbrella didn’t show up better in the photo.

Such imagination! Brandon says that Beck designs these creations. Brandon just helps with carrying out the design.

I scratched serving Christmas brunch and slept until almost noon! The Robitiussin DM seems to be helping with my cough. Clark was delighted to find a comfortable spot for his back and got 3 hours of sleep in a row early this morning.

We are headed to Clark’s son Jim’s house in Land Park later this afternoon where Jim and Deb are serving homemade lentil soup and appetizers.

Merry Christmas to all!

Beckett and Wheeler on Christmas Eve – 2018

Colleen sent me this picture of 9 year old Beckett and 22 year old Wheeler discussing Minecraft on Christmas Eve at Brandon and Lisa’s house.

Beckett Wheeler and Wheeler Strand
Colleen says the discussion of Minecraft went on for quite a while. She was afraid of disturbing the discussion by taking the picture.

Colleen and Deke had a fun evening at Brandon and Lisa’s. For the gift exchange they all took a gift and then threw dice and had to move the gift so many places … something a little different from drawing numbers and stealing from each other.

Colleen and Deke talked to us about their recent trip to Indonesia. They were in Lembeh which is just south of the Philippines. The recent tsunami was no where near where they were.

Colleen is going to come over the day after Christmas and make soup for us. I think the Robitussin DM which Clark bought for me is helping with the cough.

Happy Christmas Eve!!