Celebrating Patricia’s Birthday – Sat. Sept. 22, 2018

Patricia’s Birthday was last Wed. Sept. 19th. Tonight her Denver family + son John Zavadil from Albuquerque celebrated at daughter Mary Gutierrez’s house in Denver.

Happy Birthday, Patricia!!

Patricia and youngest child, Betsy Davis.
In the pictures of Betsy taken last March at Colleen’s reception in Boulder, Betsy was bald following chemo and radiation treatments for breast cancer. Now it looks like Betsy’s hair has grown back curly. Cute!!

Patricia birthday cake looks like it has 3 purple candles and 8 white ones. Do you suppose that she is 38?

Dean Lindsey and Tom Zavadil; Jonathan and Josh Davis; Patricia, Lilly and Betsy Davis; Joe Gutierrez (with hat) and girl friend Emily; Mary (seated) and Greg Gutierrez.

The photographer was John Zavadil who flew up to Denver from Albuquerque yesterday. John helped Patricia with some gardening and other chores yesterday. He stays at Betsy and Josh’s house because he enjoys hanging out with their children, Jonathan and Lilly. Lilly just started Colorado College in Colorado Springs. So, I was surprised she was home. But, she is on a program where she studies one subject for a few weeks rather than taking 5 different classes. So, she has a ‘block’ break.

Thank you, Tom, for organizing these photos!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Patricia’s Birthday – Sat. Sept. 22, 2018

  1. Jim Canty September 22, 2018 at 21:52 Reply


  2. Barbara Chase September 22, 2018 at 22:16 Reply

    Since Pat and I were born the same year I am glad that she could be 38. My candles were very similar in May.

    Nice that so many family members were with her to celebrate.Happy birthday, Pat

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