Visit to Joanne Donovan in Her New Home – Sun. July 29, 2018

(This is a re-do of a blog that I posted yesterday with enlarged pictures.)

On Thursday Clark and I went to Stockton to visit my friend Joanne Donovan in her new home at O’Connor Woods, a beautiful place for Senior Living. Joanne and I were apartment mates for only 7 months when we were both teachers in Sacramento. I broke my leg skiing in March 1961, and by the time I returned to Sacramento 10 months later, Joanne was about to get married. But, we have remained good friends all of these years.

Joanne and husband John raised 4 children in Lodi. Joanne, now a widow, is almost 5 years older than I, and she decided it was time to sell her 5 bedroom house and make the move to an apartment at O’Connor Woods. Here is the sign in the lobby of her section of the building:

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Sign in the lobby welcoming Joanne

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Joanne in her new home

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Barb and Joanne

The public areas are beautifully decorated. And Joanne’s 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment is spacious. I got remodeling ideas for our guest bath.

Joanne hosted us for lunch in the large dining room. For lunch there was a choice between 2 soups. I chose gazpacho which I hadn’t had in years and have never been too crazy about, but this was wonderful with large chunks of vegetables in a room temperature tasty broth. Then there was a shrimp and avocado salad, and for the entree I had the best tilapia I have ever had. It was golden brown, with no sauce, just the way I like it. It was accompanied by zucchini. Clark loved his meaty enchilada. The choice for dessert was flan or bunny tracks ice cream which I skipped.

Clark always comments on how sharp Joanne is. She is a great conversationalist, reads the New Yorker magazine, and keeps abreast of what is going on in the world.

After taking an hour and 20 minutes to get there in horrendous Hwy 50 Sacramento traffic, it took only 50 minutes to get home.

Thanks, Joanne, for a delightful day.


One thought on “Visit to Joanne Donovan in Her New Home – Sun. July 29, 2018”

  1. Barbara Chase July 29, 2018 at 08:14 Edit Reply

    What a treasure to have such a long time friend. Glad it was shorter going home. This is peak tourist time in Seattle and traffic can be horrific here too.
    You made a good choice in your home which always seems great to me.Whoever designed your neighborhood did it just right.

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