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Visit to Joanne Donovan in Her New Home – Sun. July 29, 2018

(This is a re-do of a blog that I posted yesterday with enlarged pictures.)

On Thursday Clark and I went to Stockton to visit my friend Joanne Donovan in her new home at O’Connor Woods, a beautiful place for Senior Living. Joanne and I were apartment mates for only 7 months when we were both teachers in Sacramento. I broke my leg skiing in March 1961, and by the time I returned to Sacramento 10 months later, Joanne was about to get married. But, we have remained good friends all of these years.

Joanne and husband John raised 4 children in Lodi. Joanne, now a widow, is almost 5 years older than I, and she decided it was time to sell her 5 bedroom house and make the move to an apartment at O’Connor Woods. Here is the sign in the lobby of her section of the building:

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Sign in the lobby welcoming Joanne

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Joanne in her new home

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Barb and Joanne

The public areas are beautifully decorated. And Joanne’s 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment is spacious. I got remodeling ideas for our guest bath.

Joanne hosted us for lunch in the large dining room. For lunch there was a choice between 2 soups. I chose gazpacho which I hadn’t had in years and have never been too crazy about, but this was wonderful with large chunks of vegetables in a room temperature tasty broth. Then there was a shrimp and avocado salad, and for the entree I had the best tilapia I have ever had. It was golden brown, with no sauce, just the way I like it. It was accompanied by zucchini. Clark loved his meaty enchilada. The choice for dessert was flan or bunny tracks ice cream which I skipped.

Clark always comments on how sharp Joanne is. She is a great conversationalist, reads the New Yorker magazine, and keeps abreast of what is going on in the world.

After taking an hour and 20 minutes to get there in horrendous Hwy 50 Sacramento traffic, it took only 50 minutes to get home.

Thanks, Joanne, for a delightful day.


One thought on “Visit to Joanne Donovan in Her New Home – Sun. July 29, 2018”

  1. Barbara Chase July 29, 2018 at 08:14 Edit Reply

    What a treasure to have such a long time friend. Glad it was shorter going home. This is peak tourist time in Seattle and traffic can be horrific here too.
    You made a good choice in your home which always seems great to me.Whoever designed your neighborhood did it just right.

Turned 84 Today – Fri. July 27, 2018

Thanks to all who sent cards, emails, and electronic cards.

I celebrated by playing bridge with Sharan Fleming, my regular Friday partner, and we had our regular bottom score. Her birthday card (on the left) was very appropriate. It said, “As we get older, we realize it isn’t about winning or losing … It’s about learning to stay awake during the game!” So, true. With 2 rounds to play, I was dying for a nap.

I came home and tried to sleep, but couldn’t. So, Clark and I went to pick up an adjustable chain that he had ordered for my birthday. We were at the jewelry store for quite awhile. Then we headed out for dinner, and when I tried to use my phone to make a reservation, I realized that the blue tooth wasn’t working, which is supposed to connect my phone to my new hearing aids. The right hearing aid was missing! We made a U-turn and headed back to the jewelry store which was due to close in 15 minutes. It was no where to be found. So, we headed home and I found it on my pillow!

Yesterday I forgot to wear the hearing aids during the day when we went to see my friend Joanne Donovan in her new surroundings in Stockton. Then last night, I forgot to open the battery holders to turn the aids off. So, they were connected to the batteries all night.

And Patricia’s card on the right, asks inside, “What part of getting older, don’t you understand?” I think I am showing signs of getting older!


Maxine (Ferguson) Canty 1905-1978; Scotch Scones – Sun. May 13, 2018

Thanks all for the memories of Grandma. I will work on the gluten free version of her scone recipe.

Rereading this reminded me to send the attached photos of Rockford University.

Sydney and Milan are preparing for their 9th season of synchronized figure skating. Their team competed at the National Championships in Rockford in February 2017 and I took the photos on a brief visit on the way to the arena. I couldn’t get the girls in the shot as they were with the team and the team schedule was too tight for a detour.

2018 championships were in Portland. Dave and Muffy got to see the team take fourth place. Medals are awarded for the top four places so the their team was on the podium!



Tim Canty619-840-4822
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On May 14, 2018, at 09:25, Jim Canty <jimcanty> wrote:

Hi Barb,

Thanks for the great story about Mom!

I had always thought that Mom taught at Dominican College in San Rafael. In doing some Googling, I came across this 1889 ad for the College of San Rafael which was run by the Dominican nuns and later was called Dominican College and is now Dominican University.

When Mom taught there, it was several years before the construction of the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge and decades before the construction of the Richmond San Rafael Bridge. I always wondered whether she lived in San Rafael or found a ferry service from the East Bay to San Rafael.

Dad presumably was working at the then location of St. Mary’s College in Oakland at Broadway and Hawthorne. I have two doctors in the medical office building across the street and have noted that the old auto dealership building was torn down and there is now a huge construction project on the site. I have wondered what happened to the plaque that Dad had installed near the entrance on Broadway to the auto dealership building, commemorating the site of the old St. Mary’s College.

I vaguely recalled that the Oakland site for St. Mary’s was called The Brickpile. Googling turned up this website which has a photo of the plaque that Dad had installed in 1959 for “The Old Brickpile.” It has an interesting photo of the damage done by the 1906 Quake. Saint Mary’s College – Oakland – LocalWikixx

Saint Mary’s College – Oakland – LocalWiki


On Monday, May 14, 2018, 12:51:13 AM PDT, Barbara Wheeler <bcwgolf> wrote:

Today on Mother’s Day I am thinking of my mother, Maxine Ferguson Canty, who was born on May 1, 1905 in Macomb, IL, daughter of Frank Ferguson and Fanny May Corlett. Her parents were music teachers at Macomb Normal School in Macomb, IL. They had met in Rockford, IL, and Maxine grew up as an only child in Rockford, graduating from high school at age 16 and from Rockford College in 1925 at age 20.

After her graduation Maxine became alumni secretary of her college and met Tim Canty in about 1930 at a meeting of alumni secretaries in Canada. Tim was the Executive Secretary and founder of the Alumni Association of St. Mary’s College in Moraga, CA. They were married on August 9, 1933 at St. Leo’s Church in Oakland.

After her mother died in 1930, Maxine had moved to California with her father Frank. Maxine taught English at the College of San Rafael and received her Masters degree in English from the University of California at Berkeley in 1932. While awaiting my birth in 1934, my mother wrote a serial for the San Francisco Call Bulletin newspaper entitled, High School Tragedy. Soon followed the births of Patricia, Joan, Tim Jr, Jim, and Bob.

This photo was taken at Maxine’s apartment in Oakland on May 1, 1976 on her 71st birthday. She died 2 1/2 years later on Nov. 26, 1978.

For some reason I was thinking of the fact that Mom used to make Scotch Scones, so I made some this morning. My grandfather, Frank Ferguson, lived with us during the War from about 1941 until he died in Nov. 1943. He sold Watkins products door-to-door. For the scones I used a recipe from Mom’s Watkins cookbook. I remembered that Mom’s scones had sugar on them; these didn’t. So, I called my sister Joan tonight and she had a similar recipe, but with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top. Here is the Watkins recipe with cinnamon sugar added:

Scotch Scones
4 T butter 2 cups flour Sift dry ingredients together. Blend in butter with pastry knife.
2 eggs 4 t. baking powder Add well-beaten eggs and milk.
1/3 cup milk 1/3 t salt Turn on to floured board. Roll 3/4 inch thick.
2 t sugar Cut in triangle shape. Brush with egg white diluted with water.
Sprinkle with mixture of cinnamon and sugar.
Bake 20 min at 450. (I used parchment paper.)

Hope you all had a Happy Mother’s Day.


Good-bye, Wheeler! – Mon. July 16, 2018

Tonight we put my grandson Wheeler on a plane headed for Santa Barbara with a transfer in Burbank. He will join Colleen and Deke in the Santa Barbara area. He had stayed with us for 2 weeks so that he could go on a camping trip with 6 friends this past week-end. They had planned to camp at Rancho Seco, but when they got there, they discovered that they needed reservations which they did not have.

Fortunately, one of the fellows had parents with a condo at North Lake Tahoe. So instead of camping outdoors, they stayed at the condo having taken a lot of camping gear that they didn’t need.

Wheeler headed for the Santa Barbara area.

We employed Wheeler and his long arm to take this selfie of the 3 of us:

Wheeler Barb and Clark

Have a fun time in Southern California, Wheeler!


A Kombucha Explosion – Sun. July 15, 2018

Yesterday I decided to throw out 2 bottles of drinks which Colleen had left here last year which had expired. I was going to just throw them unopened into the garbage, but the recycling gods told me to empty them and throw the empty bottles into the recycling bin. I struggled to open a bottle labelled Synergy organic kombucha, and it started to leak a little, and then …POP, a sound 5-10 times louder than any champagne bottle I have ever heard pop.

Green chia seeds shot up to the ceiling 6 feet above. There were green seeds all over the windows. They even landed on the coffee pot 6 feet away to the right.
The bottle top hit the tile and chipped off 2 small pieces in the lower left corner. Fortunately, you would have to be looking through the window from the outside to see the chipped tile.

Clark used a mop and towel to clean the mini-blinds and the windows.

I had just heard of kombucha tea for the first time last week. The bottle says that it is a fermented tea that has naturally occurring alcohol. After fermentation, it becomes carbonated. I must have shaken the bottle as I was trying to open it.

Warning: don’t shake kombucha!!


A Giant and an All Star – Sun. July 15, 2018

When Clark came out to the kitchen this morning, I noted that we were both dressed in Khakis and a black T-shirt. Clark said, “Yes. A Giant and an All-Star”. I am washing the shirts so that we can wear them to watch the All-Star game on Tuesday.

Clark, the Giant and Barbara, the All-Star

Happy Birthday today to my sister-in-law, Pat Canty!!


Dinner at Jim and Deb’s – Wed. July 4, 2018

Clark and I went to his son Jim and wife Deb’s house for dinner tonight. I thought that it was going to be just the 4 of us, but there were 11 of us. Jim barbecued hot dogs, hamburgers, and sausages. Others brought side dishes. I was glad that I happened to bring a salad.

A couple of days ago my sister Patricia wrote: “I was just reading an article in Time magazine about Justice Kennedy and these words really caught my attention: ‘. . The moderation that gave heart to liberals has roots in Kennedy’s upbringing in the cozy neighborhood of Land Park in Sacramento, a picture-perfect family enclave in mid century California.” Clark’s son Jim lives in that picture-perfect neighborhood, doesn’t he?”

Jim and Deb do indeed live in the Land Park neighborhood. Erin was married in the park itself. Today the house next to Jim and Deb was decked out with flags:

Here is Jim, the oldest of Clark’s 4 sons:

Jim Muldavin

Jim and Clark

Barb and Clark
It was a delightful evening but, by the end of the evening I was shaking because I was so cold even though the temperature was still 65. There was a slight breeze that made it seem colder.

Jim Deb Barb Clark
Thanks, Jim and Deb, for a delightful evening.

Note: It was on July 4th of 2009 that Erin was diagnosed with the glioblastoma and given a probable 15 months to live. She lived almost 8 years.

Happy 4th to all,

God Bless America – Wed.July 4, 2018

A little while ago I went out to get the newspaper at the bottom of the driveway. As I was walking back toward the house and about to enter the garage, I noticed an old red golf tee. I picked it up, and this is what it said:

How appropriate for the 4th of July! I have no idea how it got there. No one with golf clubs has parked there recently. I checked the neighbor’s driveways and didn’t find any red tees. Brandon, I thought that maybe you had gotten up early and were making the rounds of neighborhoods passing out red tees with blessings.

Happy 4th to all.

Colleen and Deke – Our IT support – Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Colleen and Deke said they would come over after Clark and I got home from bridge after 3 pm. About 3:30 I got a call from Colleen that they were walking here! It is a distance of about 6 miles. They got here around 6:15. It was more of a project than they anticipated. Fortunately, it is has cooled off and is very comfortable.

We went to Roxy for dinner and heard the story of their day visiting the Capitol including the Senate chambers and having lunch at a brewery.

They came back to the house and Colleen recovered the Edit link for me on the blog. So, now I can make corrections and changes. Then she helped Clark with using his scanner.

Colleen showing Clark about the scanner.

While she was doing that, Deke helped me get my printer working again. When they were here a year ago, they spent at least a half hour cleaning the heads. But, it was out of cyan color cartridge, and it wouldn’t print. I bought the cartridge shortly after they were here. But, I don’t remember why I couldn’t install it. So, I have been without a printer for over a year.

Thanks, Deke!

They were going to take Lyft back to their hotel, but Clark wanted to drive them back, and I went along, too. I don’t often get to see downtown Sacramento all lit up.


Colleen Deke Wheeler at Brandon and Lisa’s – Sun. July 1, 2018 (contd)

I accidentally sent the post to the blog before I was finished writing it. Lisa’s folks, Chuck and Joleen, were at the dinner, too. Lisa took this picture for me:

Barb Brandon Clark Colleen Deke Joleen Chuck
Unfortunately, the picture that I took with Lisa in it, did not come out.