Dominican College; Overdone Scones – Monday, May 14, 2018

As soon as I posted to the blog yesterday, I wanted to correct where I said that Mom taught. It was at Dominican College in San Rafael, not College of San Rafael. Although, brother Jim did some super research and found out that that was what it was initially called.

For some reason the blog used to allow me to Edit my posts. On my computer, there was a red Edit link. That disappeared about a week ago, so I can no longer edit misspellings, etc. I had copied some of my family when I wrote the entry to the blog, and they Replied All, their response went to the blog, probably unknowingly. So, that is why there are now about 4 pictures of Mom along with the entry. I cannot edit them out. Maybe Colleen can figure it out when she surfaces in South Caymen.

Also, since Rockford College was a Women’s College I should have written that Mom was executive secretary of their alumnae association. For those who know Latin, the plural of alumnus (masculine) is alumni, the plural of alumna (feminine) is alumnae.

As for the scones. The doorbell rang yesterday when there was about 2 min left of cooking them at 425 and I let them go, probably an extra 10 min. They were brown on the bottom, but Clark loved them and wanted me to make more today. Today’s batch I baked at 450 for 15 min which was plenty. They are still brown on the bottom and a little dry for me.


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