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Paco Celebrates His 14th Birthday – Sun. Feb. 25, 2018

Paco is a Leapling, born on Feb. 29th. So, on Feb. 28th he really hasn’t turned the age of the next year, so I think he usually celebrates on March 1st in non-leap years. Steve is going to be out of town the end of the week, so they celebrated yesterday. Tommy and Paco in the freezing weather in Traverse City, MI

The Haas Men: Paco, Tommy, Steve, and Mike, Steve’s Dad
Paco is poised to blow out 14 candles.

Tommy helped Paco with the blowout as Judy Haas (Steve’s Mom) observes.

Happy 14th Birthday, Paco!!



Paco and Tommy – Wed. Feb.14, 2018

Valentine Greetings from Paco and Tommy who are happy with See’s candy from California.

I talked to both of the boys a couple of nights ago. Tommy’s school is having a reading promotion program and Tommy, who previous to this year didn’t particularly like reading, was proud of having read something like 7 books in 10 days. The boys both prefer Math (sounds like their grandmother). Paco loves the drums.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all.