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Skiing with Santa – Mon. Dec. 25, 2017

Steve called this morning and I talked to both boys. … a first with Tommy who doesn’t like talking on the phone. When Steve calls Tommy from work, Tommy doesn’t want to talk.

There was free skiing with Santa this morning near Traverse City. They skied for a couple of hours, but gave up when the temperature got to 17 degrees and it began snowing.

Right now at 11pm Traverse City time, the temperature is 7 degrees. It is 47 degrees in Sacramento.

Brandon, Lisa, and Beck came for brunch this morning .. a much smaller crowd than usual. Colleen called from Boulder.

Brandon and Beck relaxing after Christmas brunch

Best Wishes to all.

Happy 50th Birthday, Shannon – Dec. 23, 2017

Erin’s good friend, Shannon Brink turned 50 today. Shannon, hope you don’t mind my telling this secret to the world! Shannon wrote that she saw the movie, Lady Bird, which was filmed in Sacramento, not far from where Shannon and Erin shared a house a few blocks from Colleen when Wheeler was a year old, so about 1997. It brought back many memories of Shan’s time with Erin in their old neighborhood.

This picture of Shannon was taken about 2 1/2 years ago: ,

I also heard from Ulysses, one of the young men who had gone to high school with Erin and who came to Erin’s Celebration of Life. Ulysses wrote: “I’ll be reflecting on the impact that Erin had on this world. Merry Christmas to you and your family.”

Steve wrote that he and the boys were skiing in 22 degree weather near Traverse City, MI. It was the opening day of skiing at the resort and they skied free if they brought canned food for the hungry. Steve said that it was especially cold on the side of the mountain facing the wind coming off the lake.

And I was cold in Sacramento’s 55 degree temperature!

Merry Christmas to all.

Christmas in the Snow – Mon. Dec. 18, 2017

Steve bought a Christmas tree yesterday. Tommy kept talking about wanting a tree. Here is Tommy helping decorate it. Paco wasn’t interested. Steve says that the ornament box brought back a lot of memories for both him and Tommy. Looks like they have a perfect niche for a tree.

And look at all of that snow outside! Steve said that it snowed all last week nonstop.