Mona Winks; Happy Birthday, Patricia!! – Tues. Sept. 19, 2017

Cindy wasn’t 100% sure of where that photo that I posted yesterday of her, Erin, and Shannon was taken. Today I had the following message from Cindy:

“I googled “famous squares in Venice” and found out that that is St. Mark’s Square.. (I recognize the name and the photos.) I remember all the birds, and you can see some through the wall behind us. Another thing I noticed on looking at the picture again is that Erin is holding a couple guidebooks or a guidebook and a map. That is appropriate as I believe she did most of the trip planning and was often consulting her guide books.. (Shannon may have also done some of the planning. I just followed along!) I know some of Erin’s favorite guidebooks were the Rick Steves series. Venice was one of the most memorable stops during that trip.

You are a good researcher, Cindy! A super sleuth.

Actually the Mona Winks book is on my bookshelf. It is Rick Steves’ guide to the top museums of Europe. I should say that the cover with the front half of the book is on my shelf. As you can see in the photo below, I just have through page 196. The Contents page of the book lists Amsterdam, Venice, Florence, Rome, and Madrid for the 2nd half of the book. I think that Erin tore out that part of the book and gave it to me when my sister Patricia and I went to Italy in 1998.

Happy Birthday, Patricia!! This talk about Italy brings back many happy memories of our month of travel there in Spring of 1998.


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