A Falling Box; Cindy Erin Shannon – Venice 1997 – Mon. Sept. 18, 2017

I had this message from Erin’s friend, Cindy Limburg, tonight:

“I have to tell you about something interesting that happened last week…

“Last Wednesday evening, Dave was on a ladder in our garage looking for something in the rafters for Rachel (an old bean bag chair). He called for me to come help, and when I got there, he was balancing some card table chairs and a big box, all of which were about to fall on his head. Before I figured out how to help, the box fell over on him, and a bunch of old photos and cards fell to the floor. (I was able to get the chairs from him one by one before they fell.) Then he and I and Rachel proceeded to pick up the items on the floor. It was a bunch of baby pictures of the girls, baby shower cards, etc. Rachel was especially interested in seeing the bracelets the girls had worn in the hospital when they were born, which apparently I had kept.

“In the middle of the baby memories were a few pictures of Erin! Including the one I attached to this email. (Shannon and I believe we’re in Venice.) I didn’t think much of the timing of finding those pictures until I was telling the chicks this story while we were out to dinner on Friday, and Anissa looked at me dramatically and asked me what day the box had fallen. It was the day before Erin’s birthday, so we concluded that Erin must have caused the box to fall on Dave’s head so I would find those pictures, and we would know she is still around and still smiling with us. 🙂


Below is the picture which Cindy found: Cindy Erin and Shannon in Venice, 1997.

Such a happy group! I love Erin’s hair.

Thanks so much Cindy!

2 thoughts on “A Falling Box; Cindy Erin Shannon – Venice 1997 – Mon. Sept. 18, 2017

  1. Janet Keeter September 18, 2017 at 22:47 Reply

    Love this story!

  2. Nancy Bill Barnard September 19, 2017 at 08:39 Reply

    What a great story! Erin may be gone but never forgotten. I loved how everyone remembered her birthday.

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