Paco and Tommy Celebrating with Tiramisu – Tues. Sept. 14, 2017

I just received this message and picture from Steve: “Not fresh, but having some of Erin’s favorite dessert to celebrate her birthday.”

Earlier Steve wrote:
“The boys are both happy to be back in school. Paco and Tommy both love Math. (Note: Glad to read that the Math genes have trickled down!) Paco is nuts about drumming. He took jazz and marching band drum lessons over the summer and plays all the time (It is as noisy as it sounds).

“His shoulder seems fine. We have a follow up appointment with the surgeon (in Grand Rapids) on March 4. They will take an X-ray at that time.

“He isn’t in any pain at all. He is under doctor’s orders to skip gym class and not lift more that 8 lbs, but he thinks he is ready to do everything already.

There will be regular X-rays every few months for a while, but hopefully those won’t require trips to Grand Rapids.”

What a cute picture! Thanks, Steve.

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