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Tommy on picture day-September 28, 2017

Tommy asked Paco to groom his hair for his school picture which was taken today. I don’t know if the video will show up or not, but Paco put “product” on Tommy’s hair and gently smoothed it through.

Tommy looks so pleased!


Mona Winks; Happy Birthday, Patricia!! – Tues. Sept. 19, 2017

Cindy wasn’t 100% sure of where that photo that I posted yesterday of her, Erin, and Shannon was taken. Today I had the following message from Cindy:

“I googled “famous squares in Venice” and found out that that is St. Mark’s Square.. (I recognize the name and the photos.) I remember all the birds, and you can see some through the wall behind us. Another thing I noticed on looking at the picture again is that Erin is holding a couple guidebooks or a guidebook and a map. That is appropriate as I believe she did most of the trip planning and was often consulting her guide books.. (Shannon may have also done some of the planning. I just followed along!) I know some of Erin’s favorite guidebooks were the Rick Steves series. Venice was one of the most memorable stops during that trip.

You are a good researcher, Cindy! A super sleuth.

Actually the Mona Winks book is on my bookshelf. It is Rick Steves’ guide to the top museums of Europe. I should say that the cover with the front half of the book is on my shelf. As you can see in the photo below, I just have through page 196. The Contents page of the book lists Amsterdam, Venice, Florence, Rome, and Madrid for the 2nd half of the book. I think that Erin tore out that part of the book and gave it to me when my sister Patricia and I went to Italy in 1998.

Happy Birthday, Patricia!! This talk about Italy brings back many happy memories of our month of travel there in Spring of 1998.


Addendum to the Falling Box Incident – Mon. Sept. 18, 2017

Cindy says that Dave was not hurt by the falling box. Good news!


A Falling Box; Cindy Erin Shannon – Venice 1997 – Mon. Sept. 18, 2017

I had this message from Erin’s friend, Cindy Limburg, tonight:

“I have to tell you about something interesting that happened last week…

“Last Wednesday evening, Dave was on a ladder in our garage looking for something in the rafters for Rachel (an old bean bag chair). He called for me to come help, and when I got there, he was balancing some card table chairs and a big box, all of which were about to fall on his head. Before I figured out how to help, the box fell over on him, and a bunch of old photos and cards fell to the floor. (I was able to get the chairs from him one by one before they fell.) Then he and I and Rachel proceeded to pick up the items on the floor. It was a bunch of baby pictures of the girls, baby shower cards, etc. Rachel was especially interested in seeing the bracelets the girls had worn in the hospital when they were born, which apparently I had kept.

“In the middle of the baby memories were a few pictures of Erin! Including the one I attached to this email. (Shannon and I believe we’re in Venice.) I didn’t think much of the timing of finding those pictures until I was telling the chicks this story while we were out to dinner on Friday, and Anissa looked at me dramatically and asked me what day the box had fallen. It was the day before Erin’s birthday, so we concluded that Erin must have caused the box to fall on Dave’s head so I would find those pictures, and we would know she is still around and still smiling with us. 🙂


Below is the picture which Cindy found: Cindy Erin and Shannon in Venice, 1997.

Such a happy group! I love Erin’s hair.

Thanks so much Cindy!

Eiffel Tower Card – Thurs. Sept. 14, 2017

I thought that I had posted this picture of the Eiffel Tower Card and See’s Candy from Shannon earlier when I posted the picture of the flowers.The card was so appropriate because Erin had a wonderful time in Paris with Shannon and Cindy.

Shan, where did you find that cute card?


Flowers from the 5 Chicks; See’s Candy – Tues. Sept. 14, 2017

Around 2 pm I was just finishing typing up the blog entry about today being Erin’s birthday when the door bell rang. There stood a young man from Land Park Florist delivering a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The note attached said:“Dear Barb & Clark,
We’re thinking of you and ERIN today. Happy Birthday to ERIN! We love her and miss her.
Cindy, Shannon, Anissa, Vivian & Aletha”

Then as I was beginning to write this blog at about 5 pm, the doorbell rang again. This time it was Shannon bearing a 2 lb box of See’s Chocolates! I love the attached card of the Eiffel Tower. Her card said,
“My thoughts are with you today. I am trying to focus on my happy memories from past birthdays – eating taco salad with your family, our famous kareoke party, dinner with the chicks.
“I hope that you’re doing okay. I know Erin would have wanted you & Clark to have some chocolate today.

What a wonderful, wonderful friend Erin had!

Paco and Tommy Celebrating with Tiramisu – Tues. Sept. 14, 2017

I just received this message and picture from Steve: “Not fresh, but having some of Erin’s favorite dessert to celebrate her birthday.”

Earlier Steve wrote:
“The boys are both happy to be back in school. Paco and Tommy both love Math. (Note: Glad to read that the Math genes have trickled down!) Paco is nuts about drumming. He took jazz and marching band drum lessons over the summer and plays all the time (It is as noisy as it sounds).

“His shoulder seems fine. We have a follow up appointment with the surgeon (in Grand Rapids) on March 4. They will take an X-ray at that time.

“He isn’t in any pain at all. He is under doctor’s orders to skip gym class and not lift more that 8 lbs, but he thinks he is ready to do everything already.

There will be regular X-rays every few months for a while, but hopefully those won’t require trips to Grand Rapids.”

What a cute picture! Thanks, Steve.