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Paco Healing – Thurs. Aug. 31, 2017

When I asked how Paco was doing with the healing of his broken clavicle, Steve said that Paco  “seems to be doing well. We visited the surgeon’s office in GR (Grand Rapids) this past Monday morning. The wound is healing very well. He is still restricted from gym class or bowling for another month.”

Clark and I picked up Patricia at Joan’s in Alamo on Tuesday morning and are now at the Hyatt in Santa Clara for the Regional through Labor Day. Brother Bob joined us yesterday  and played with me in the afternoon, then with Patricia on a Swiss Team with Clark and me in the evening.  Bob and Clark will play pairs this afternoon before Bob heads back to Half Moon Bay.

Paco and Erin have a connection with me and this hotel. 11 years ago (“before Clark”) Sharan Fleming and I came down to play in this annual Regional. Erin was living in San Jose and agreed that she and 2 1/2 year old Paco would meet us for lunch at Tusca restaurant in the hotel. That day I received a call from Erin very upset because there was no Tusca at the Mariott where she was calling from.

Earlier in the year I had attended a Regional at the Marriott in Santa Clara about a mile away. And I had directed Erin to the wrong hotel. Needless to say after struggling to find parking at the Marriott and coping with a 2 year old, Erin was not happy when she arrived at the Hyatt!

Sharan and I are still weekly bridge partners and Sharan remembers Erin as being very bubbly and outgoing and has often spoken of her that way.



Happy Birthday to Godmother Joan – Sat. Aug. 26, 2017

Today was my sister Joan’s birthday. Joan was Erin’s godmother. Joan and her husband Ralph have recently moved into a new home in Alamo which they bought from their daughter Janet. My sister Patricia arrived in Oakland from Denver today and will stay with Joan and Ralph for a few days. Since Patricia was here, Janet and her sister Ginny extended the guest list for their mother’s birthday to include all of Joan’s sibs. In addition, Joan’s son Alan from Orinda and son Ken from Santa Cruz and their families were there.

Below seated L to R: Joan and Ralph, sister-in-law Pat, Beate and brother Jim.

Below: Standing: Clark Barb Patricia. Seated: brother Bob Joan Ralph Pat Beate Jim

A deck surrounds the dining room on two sides and the deck is surrounded by redwood trees.

Ralph calls Joan “Toots”. Joan says our Dad used to call her that and Ralph heard it and started calling her that when they were first dating. I remember that our Dad called our mother “Toots”.

Joan clapped out the candles instead of blowing them out. Watching are Joan’s daughter-in-law Lisa Fass (Alan’s wife), Beate, and Ken, Joan’s middle son.

In addition to the cake, Lisa and her daughters, Kayla and Alyssa, made both a peach cobbler and a berry cobbler.

Next Tuesday we will pick up Patricia and then drive down to Santa Clara for the Regional Bridge Tournament lasting until Labor Day. Patricia feels bridge rusty because she played bridge 2 days ago for the first time in 4 weeks. A week with family in Grand Lake followed by a house guest kept her away from the bridge table.

Thanks Janet and Steve, Ginny and Ron, Ken and Anne, and Alan and Lisa for the delightful birthday evening!


Wheeler is Headed Home to Boulder – Fri. Aug. 25, 2017

Last Saturday Wheeler drove his friend up to Eugene, OR, where the friend is going to school. From there they watched the eclipse which Wheeler thought was about 95% of totality. He said that it got dark and the cows and chickens went to sleep and the crickets started chirping!

He arrived back here about 1am this morning, and tomorrow he heads back to Boulder.


Brandon is 50! Tuesday, Aug.22, 2017

Erin’s brother Brandon turned 50 today. We were invited to celebrate at dinner with them at Bandera, a nearby restaurant which is a favorite of Brandon’s. Lisa’s folks were there, too. Her father had had pneumonia, so we were pleased that he was able to make it. Below Beckett is helping his Dad blow out the candle on the sundae which Beckett ordered. Lisa is watching.

I forgot to take my present with me to the restaurant, so Brandon, Lisa, and Beck came back to the house. Below is one of the best photos which I have taken of Beck. Brandon is a devoted father.


Lunch at North Ridge – Sun. Aug. 20, 2017

Mary Claire (MC) and Jim O’Connor (Erin’s godfather) invited us to lunch today at North Ridge CC. The service was very attentive. Clark enjoyed his Reuben sandwich and I, my California omelet. Clark and I and MC had been to a mass for Erin on Thursday at St. John the Evangelist Church in Carmichael. Jim had a conflict and was not able to attend. The pastor priest saying the mass was from Africa. I could understand very little of what he said. But, I did understand that he said “Erin Wheeler Haas” 3 times.

In spite of the beautiful weather today very few people were on the golf course. In fact, we had a view of the 10th hole and we didn’t see anybody tee off. They are renovating the course and are rebuilding all of the greens. So, there are temporary bumpy greens and shortened fairways. Hence players are avoiding the course.

I meant to take a picture. Below is a picture of MC, Erin and me last February 17th at North Ridge with the 10th fairway in the background.


Accidental Posting – Fri. Aug. 18, 2017

Last night I mistakenly posted a photo to the blog which was supposed to go to our bridge newsletter.

Sorry for the confusion.


Confirmation of Paco’s Diagnosis – Wed. Aug. 16, 2017

I received the following message from Steve this morning:

The surgeon’s office called me this morning. The full pathology of the tumor came back this morning and confirmed that there was nothing malignant. Just the “ABC.” Great news!

ABC is Aneurysmal Bone Cyst.

Below is a photo of Paco and Tommy taken on Aug. 5th, a few days before Paco’s surgery. Steve captioned it,, “A Rare Moment of Peace”.