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Erin Wheeler Haas (Sept.14, 1971 – May 31, 2017)

When I went to give Erin her medicine a little after midnight this morning, I found her unresponsive. She had hardly eaten anything these past couple of weeks. July 4th would have marked 8 years since she had been diagnosed with a glioblastoma which she had shown no evidence of for the past many MRIs. But, it had left her paralyzed on the right side, and she has had increasing difficulty talking.
Now she is at peace. We will have a Celebration of Life at the Campus Commons Club House from 5 pm to 8 pm on Sat. June 17th. Erin in March 2017.
Paco with his Mom – Aug. 2015.

Erin and Tommy – Aug. 2015

Below is what Erin’s big sister, Colleen, wrote on Facebook tonight:
My sister died in the wee hours today. The glioblastoma (a brain tumor that she technically “survived” with two craniotomies, experimental chemo, and radiation) eventually took so much of her life over the past seven years—ultimately stealing her freedom, mobility, expression, hope, and happiness—that it’s hard not to feel a measure of relief. Then guilt for feeling relief. Then the sharp and sudden sadness for the loss of a vibrant, generous, immensely affectionate soul. Miss you, Little Girl.


Rest in peace, my baby girl.

Erin and her Aunt Patricia – Wed. May 24, 2017

Erin’s Aunt Patricia arrived today from Denver and will be here for 15 days. As soon as Patricia came in the house, she immediately sat and talked to Erin in her room for about an hour. Erin came to the table at dinner so that she could chat with Patricia.

Patricia and I will play in the Sacramento Regional which begins next Monday at the DoubleTree. She is such an easy guest.

Erin Lisa Beck – Belated Mother’s Day – Sat.May 20, 2017

Tonight Brandon, Lisa, and Beck had her parents, Chuck and Joleen Hecht, and us over for a belated Mother’s Day celebration. They had a taco bar. Brandon barbecued flank steak, chicken, and prawns to be cut up and put in the tacos. Delicious. I was so glad that Erin was quite perky when she woke up this morning and she lasted 3 hours at dinner. Here Erin and Lisa pose before attacking their margueritas.

It is Lisa’s birthday on Friday, so since I was bringing dessert, I brought a Baskin-Robbins mint chip ice cream pie. Beck eagerly helped his mother blow out the candles.

Now they are admiring the blown out candles.

Erin lasted until 8 pm, when we headed home. It was a lovely summer night with temperatures in the high 80s.