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Clark & Erin at Cape Cod Fish ‘n Chips – Tues. Feb. 28, 2017

For today’s Tuesday-lunch-out, we went to Cape Cod Fish and Chips on Folsom Blvd. Clark thought that his third piece of fish looked like a sea horse. And he entertained us with his talking sea horse. Erin looked at him with a “You’re full of baloney” look. Clark said, “Well how else do children learn to be creative?”


Erin and Shan went to a Movie – Sun. Feb. 26, 2017

Shannon came for Erin about 2:30 yesterday and they went to the Tower theater to see the movie, “Lion”. They both thought that it was very powerful.

Both before and after the movie, they stopped for French fries at the Tower Cafe next door!


Erin at Fox & Goose; Quilt – Feb. 21, 2017

For today’s Tuesday out-of-the-house, we went to Fox and Goose for lunch. Fox and Goose, at 10th and R, is a pub and eatery with brick walls and high open ceilings. We used to take my mother-in-law Jane (“Bombi”) and her friend Gladys there for Sunday breakfast. But, I had not been there in probably 15- 20 years.

Erin and I both had an omelet with a crumpet. I had a vague idea that a crumpet was like a biscuit. The waitress accurately described it as being more like a cross between a biscuit and a pancake.

Afterwards, we went to the McClatchy Library on 22nd Street to look at a showing of small quilts which were on display on the 2nd floor. A bridge player, Jan Soules, had about 10 quilts on display. I was particularly impressed with this quilt called, Roosters in the Rain.

Roosters in the Rain
Jan Soules

Speaking of rain, it was raining again today, so Erin waited in the car while we went into the library.


Happy 21st Birthday, Wheeler!!! – Sat. Feb. 18, 2017

Erin wishes her oldest nephew a very Happy 21st Birthday. He makes her so happy when he is around. This photo was taken last Fall when he visited Arches National Park with his Mom, Colleen, (Erin’s big sister).

He spent the evening working, then hanging out at the Brew Pub downstairs from the restaurant where he works in Boulder. Colleen went over late in the evening to buy her boy a drink. Instead, his friends bought her one.

A proud grandma,

Erin & Shannon off to Concert – Sun. Feb. 12, 2017

Shannon’s and Chris’ 13 year old daughter, Kellyn, sings with a Children’s Choir that is performing tonight at the Lutheran Church at 17th and L. So, Shannon picked up Erin and they were going to meet Chris, their son Mateo, and Shannon’s mother for dinner beforehand, and then go to the concert. It is so good of Shannon to include Erin in their plans.


Sue MC Erin Paula Barb at North Ridge CC – Fri. Feb. 10, 2017

Sue, Mary Claire,  Erin, and Paula

Erin went with me to North Ridge CC to have lunch with some of my former social bridge group. Mary Claire specifically invited Erin to come. 4 of the group couldn’t make it. 

Here Mary Claire, Erin, and I are on the deck overlooking the 10th Fairway. The 10th hole is normally a 5 par, but the greens are all under construction. There is a new temporary green about 60% of the way down the fairway. A huge branch of a eucalyptus tree had fallen half way across the fairway, but the ground is so wet that no equipment can get out to remove the branch. There was no one playing golf in spite of the beautiful sunny day.

Mary Claire sent us home with a box of yummy lemon bars!

Erin Brandon – Sat. Feb. 4, 2017


At Erin’s suggestion Clark, Erin, and I went to Danielle’s Crêperie for lunch today. Erin studied the menu intensely and decided on a spinach, mushroom, egg, and cheese breakfast crêpe, which she ate about half of. Then she ordered a crab and spinach crêpe to go to have for dinner.

We had barely arrived home, when the doorbell rang. It was Erin’s brother, Brandon. Brandon, Lisa, and Beck live in River Park, which is 2 1/2 mi from here, yet I think this is the first time since Christmas that we have seen Brandon. Erin is always pleased to see her (4 year) older brother as you can tell from the big smile on her face.

Now, about an hour after arriving home from lunch, Erin is eating the other half of her lunch crêpe. It is nice to see her eating again. For the past 2 1/2 weeks since Patricia left, Erin has hardly eaten anything.

(Note: I am reposting this so that the pictures are larger.)


Paco and Tommy Skiing – Sat. Feb. 4, 2017

Looks like a beautiful day in Michigan for skiing. Paco was glad to be back on skis after his collar bone injury.

(Sorry. The video didn’t come through.)