Barb Clara Denise Patricia – Monterey – Sun. Jan. 8, 2017

Clark and I arrived home in the pouring rain this afternoon about 4 pm. Erin was by herself, but very cheerful. Colleen left yesterday morning to return to Boulder. In the afternoon Shannon came and took Erin to meet Vivian in Davis. They saw a movie and visited with Vivian afterwards.Then Brandon came and spent Saturday night with Erin. So, she seem to have been well-cared for.

When we left Monterey, the rain was pretty light for the first hour. But, then it really poured for the next hour to Alamo (south of Walnut Creek) where we dropped Patricia off to visit with my sister, Joan, for 3 days. Joan and husband Ralph are in their new home in Alamo which was formerly their daughter Janet’s house. Joan served us a hearty soup lunch. Then we left about 2 pm concerned about the weather. My brother Jim and Beate had been invited to lunch, but decided not to risk the slippery roads. We did see 2 spinouts on our way home, but fortunately, no flooding. I drove the Alamo to Sacramento segment, and I was very glad when it was over.

The photo below is of our bridge team for Friday and Sat. There is a glioblastoma connection. About 3 years ago we played with Denise and another partner of hers on a team. When Denise got home she was researching her cousin’s son’s doctor, Dr. Lallana, because her cousin’s son had been recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. When Denise googled Dr. Lallana, she was referred to this blog, and found a recent post of a picture of Patricia and me with our siblings. We had not discussed that our relatives had brain tumors, so it was quite a coincidence.  See the blog, Tumor world and bridge world get linked – Sept. 6, 2013

Then, the next tournament, Denise brought a new partner, Clara, to join our team. It turns out that Clara’s mother was one of the only other 2 women in my Physics classes at Berkeley 60 years ago. And her mother had been to my family’s house for dinner a couple of times. Small world.

Clara and Denise are a lot of fun. Clara is a go-getter and made dinner reservations for us at 2 restaurants we had not been to before in our 13 years of going to Monterey. One of the restaurants was the Sandbar & Grill. I had the sand dabs. They were to die for…. the best fish that I have had in a long time.

Denise is holding the 7NT card and Clara is holding the Redouble card. When you play tournament bridge, you do not verbalize your bids. Instead you make your bid with cards from a bidding box.


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