A Different Kind of Dr’s Visit: Erin meets “Dr. Tom” at Wildwood

Greetings, News-of-Erin followers. Colleen here. Mom, Clark, and Patricia are off playing bridge in Monterey (and probably barely enjoying their lovely if potentially flooding surroundings due to the almost constant bridgery they engage in). So I’ve been honoring the annual tradition of hanging with Erin in Sacramento to start the year.

Since last night was my last night in rainy Sacramento before heading home to snowy Boulder, we went to a newish restaurant near Mom’s house—Wildwood in the Pavillions. It’s a gorgeously designed place with a very friendly staff and, more importantly, a section of the bar that’s wheelchair accessible.

While there, enjoying delicious cocktails, oysters, and a really great Caesar salad (that Erin inhaled most of while I was in the bathroom; how long was I gone?), we met local celebrity doctor, “Dr Tom” Hopkins of local news fame, who has a charming barside manner and can handle conversations about aphasia with aphasia with ease. Erin wanted to make sure I posted this picture:


Heading home to the boys and the Gutierrez’s dance party in Denver! Happy 2017.

One thought on “A Different Kind of Dr’s Visit: Erin meets “Dr. Tom” at Wildwood

  1. Barbara Chase January 8, 2017 at 20:44 Reply

    Good to see Erin with Dr. Tom. He looks like he would cheer anyone up.
    Coleen, have a good time at the dance party. Nice to have relatives nearby.

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