Erin Paco Tommy at Beto’s – Wed. Dec. 28, 2016

This morning Clark and I snuck away and played some bridge for the first time in 6 days. Then Chris (Shannon’s husband) brought Erin and the boys home around 4. They all seemed to have had a good time, but were very tired.

Erin wanted to go to a little taqueria called Beto’s for dinner. At 6:15pm Clark got called in to play more bridge, so he did not join us. Tommy didn’t like his nachos because he likes them with black beans. These had refried beans. I thought they were excellent and ate a lot of them after eating my chile relleno. Paco’s beef burrito was huge. But, he thought that a burrito should have beans. This one had lots of guacamole and lettuce.

After dinner Erin wanted to stop at CVS. We got the wheelchair out of the car, and were all set to go into the store, when I realized I must have left my purse at Beto’s. So, I left Erin and the boys to shop at CVS, and went back to the restaurant, about a 7-8 minute drive. They had my purse! So, 15 min later I was back at CVS, and Erin was just checking out.

I had bought an ugly sweater cookie kit a couple of weeks ago, and finally tonight we had time to decorate the cookies. Erin was too tired after our dinner excursion, and Paco wasn’t interested, so Tommy and I did the decorating. Tommy did the upper two. I loved the one he created with the tree, so I used green when I was trying to finish up the decorating.

Tommy is going to eat his tree cookie on the plane tomorrow. Steve comes about 11 to pick them up for the trip back to Traverse City. I leave about 9am to pick up my sister Patricia at the airport, and we will head directly to bridge if her plane is on time. Clark will be here to see the boys off.


2 thoughts on “Erin Paco Tommy at Beto’s – Wed. Dec. 28, 2016

  1. Tom Z December 29, 2016 at 07:38 Reply

    Those are some Very-Nice-Ugly Cookies! I’ll bet Tommy had a great time making them. In my humble opinion, there’s very little in life more fun than making cookies with your Grandma.
    We all (13 of us) went out to dinner last night at a diner near our house. Mom/Patricia had to call it an early night: she had to get up at 4:00 this morning to catch her flight to Sacramento! Hopefully she won’t fall asleep at the bridge table. Have fun!
    -Tom Z

  2. Barbara Chase December 31, 2016 at 18:34 Reply

    You have had quite a week. It must be a nice change of pace when Patricia comes .
    So good to have a sister to visit.
    Trish plans to come up here in March or April.
    Maybe she can help me go though things. I recently found a letter from a Canadian cousin who knew our grandfather Kelley. Since he died in the early 1930s we never knew him. I’ll share it with her. With electronic help we can make copies of things to share.

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