Dinner from Dos Coyotes – Fri. Dec. 23, 2016

Tommy and Paco enjoyed a dinner from Dos Coyotes.

Erin always likes to take the boys to Dos Coyotes when they are here because they don’ t have anything like that in Traverse City, MI. Colleen and Deke agreed to pick up dinner there and bring it here. Erin had a take out menu. So, I wrote down what each person wanted and was about to text it to Colleen when Paco volunteered to do the texting. I figured that he was probably much faster than I, and gladly agreed to his doing it.

When I gave Paco the list, he reminded me that he couldn’t read cursive! I guess 12 year olds this day and age are brought up on printing and typing. So, I dictated the order to him.

Colleen and Deke had walked this afternoon from the Citizen Hotel at 9th and J to Old Sacramento about 8 blocks away. They had to stop at Macy’s on the way to buy Deke a warm jacket. When Deke had heard it would be in the 40s in Sacramento, he had not brought warm enough clothes. He had not prepared for 40 degrees in Sacramento which is much colder than 40 degrees in dry Denver.

For dessert we enjoyed chocolates which Paco had brought from his Michigan grandparents.


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