Monthly Archives: December 2016

Erin Paco Tommy at Beto’s – Wed. Dec. 28, 2016

This morning Clark and I snuck away and played some bridge for the first time in 6 days. Then Chris (Shannon’s husband) brought Erin and the boys home around 4. They all seemed to have had a good time, but were very tired.

Erin wanted to go to a little taqueria called Beto’s for dinner. At 6:15pm Clark got called in to play more bridge, so he did not join us. Tommy didn’t like his nachos because he likes them with black beans. These had refried beans. I thought they were excellent and ate a lot of them after eating my chile relleno. Paco’s beef burrito was huge. But, he thought that a burrito should have beans. This one had lots of guacamole and lettuce.

After dinner Erin wanted to stop at CVS. We got the wheelchair out of the car, and were all set to go into the store, when I realized I must have left my purse at Beto’s. So, I left Erin and the boys to shop at CVS, and went back to the restaurant, about a 7-8 minute drive. They had my purse! So, 15 min later I was back at CVS, and Erin was just checking out.

I had bought an ugly sweater cookie kit a couple of weeks ago, and finally tonight we had time to decorate the cookies. Erin was too tired after our dinner excursion, and Paco wasn’t interested, so Tommy and I did the decorating. Tommy did the upper two. I loved the one he created with the tree, so I used green when I was trying to finish up the decorating.

Tommy is going to eat his tree cookie on the plane tomorrow. Steve comes about 11 to pick them up for the trip back to Traverse City. I leave about 9am to pick up my sister Patricia at the airport, and we will head directly to bridge if her plane is on time. Clark will be here to see the boys off.


At Shannon’s – Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2016

A little after noon I left to pick up Paco at his friend David’s in Davis. I was going to take Clark’s car, but just as I was going to leave, Wheeler handed me the keys to my car, so I took it instead. Wheeler was soon picked up by Colleen and Deke, and they headed back to Denver.

Paco and I got back here, and he, Erin, and Tommy packed to go to Shannon’s in Folsom for the night. We got Clark’s car all loaded with the suitcases and our seat belts buckled (not easy with 3 of us in the back seat!). As Clark started to back out, we heard thump, thump, thump …. a flat tire! So, we got out of the car, transferred suitcases and wheelchair to my trusty 20 year old Toyota, buckled our seat belts, and were on our way to Folsom.

I was so glad that I had not tried to drive Clark’s car to Davis and have it blow a tire on the way down. And glad that Wheeler was not out with my car. When Clark and I got home from Folsom, he called AAA, and they came an hour and 40 minutes later to change the tire. If I had been delayed that long going to Davis it would really have inconvenienced David’s family who were packing their car and leaving for the Peninsula as soon as I picked up Paco.

I forgot to take a picture at Shannon’s. Her daughter is 2 years older than Paco, and her son is between Paco and Tommy. They have a beautiful 12 foot Christmas tree which they cut down at a tree farm.


Tommy and Deke Testing Chips – Mon. Dec. 26, 2016

Tonight Paco was in Davis with his friend David, and Wheeler went out with a friend. So, Colleen and Deke, Erin and Tommy, and Clark and I went to dinner at Roxy. Deke ended up sitting next to Tommy and he entertained Tommy for the whole evening.

Deke had Tommy close his eyes, and then decide whether he was eating a green tortilla chip or a white one. Tommy guessed right every time.

Erin ordered risotto and ate every bit of it! Unbelieveable. She normally only eats a few bites.

Clark drove Paco to Davis leaving here at 12:30 to get there by 1. But, the traffic was awful and it took 54 minutes, whereas on his way home, it only took Clark 27 min. I guess the traffic returning from the mountains was the problem. Tomorrow I am going to pick up Paco around 1, and then get Tommy and Erin and take the three of them to Shannon’s in Folsom to spend the night.

Colleen, Deke, and Wheeler return to Boulder tomorrow. It has been fun having them. They have been good entertaining the boys.


Christmas Day with 4 Grandsons – Sun. Dec. 25, 2016

Our day began with gift opening at 9:30 am. Then Deke and Colleen entertained the boys with a word game, while waiting for brunch to be served.

We had 12 for brunch including my brother Bob. The two 7 year olds snuck away from the table without eating much. But, I was amazed when Tommy climbed into the chair and sat next to Beck in the living room. I wanted to go over and take a picture, but was afraid that I would upset the harmony. So, I took this photo of Paco and Erin with Tommy and Beck in the background.

A little while later when the situation seemed stable, I went closer and got the photo of the 2 of them up close. Note Tommy is having his “breakfast” of gold fish, a stocking stuffer.

Wheeler was enjoying watching the 2 of them.

I managed to get a photo of all 4 of the grandsons together: Wheeler 20, Paco 12, Beckett 7, and Tommy 7. Tommy is exactly 6 months older than Beckett.

Merry Christmas to all!

After Dinner – Dec. 23, 2016

After dinner Colleen brought out a game which was the Star Wars version of “Catch Phrase”. Colleen, Deke, Paco, Clark, and Tommy divided into teams while Erin and I watched. There were lots of laughs.

Wheeler had been at dinner, but left to visit a friend before the games began.


Dinner from Dos Coyotes – Fri. Dec. 23, 2016

Tommy and Paco enjoyed a dinner from Dos Coyotes.

Erin always likes to take the boys to Dos Coyotes when they are here because they don’ t have anything like that in Traverse City, MI. Colleen and Deke agreed to pick up dinner there and bring it here. Erin had a take out menu. So, I wrote down what each person wanted and was about to text it to Colleen when Paco volunteered to do the texting. I figured that he was probably much faster than I, and gladly agreed to his doing it.

When I gave Paco the list, he reminded me that he couldn’t read cursive! I guess 12 year olds this day and age are brought up on printing and typing. So, I dictated the order to him.

Colleen and Deke had walked this afternoon from the Citizen Hotel at 9th and J to Old Sacramento about 8 blocks away. They had to stop at Macy’s on the way to buy Deke a warm jacket. When Deke had heard it would be in the 40s in Sacramento, he had not brought warm enough clothes. He had not prepared for 40 degrees in Sacramento which is much colder than 40 degrees in dry Denver.

For dessert we enjoyed chocolates which Paco had brought from his Michigan grandparents.


Paco taller than Parents – Thurs. Dec. 22, 2016

Paco is taller than his Dad.

And taller than his Mom. His arm is in a sling due to a broken clavicle. He is able to play the drums again. It only hurts if someone bumps it.

Tommy puts on his favorite walrus look when he is going to have his picture taken.

Tommy was feeling a little queasy. There was quite a bit of turbulence on the plane.

We have a full house tonight. I thought that Colleen, Deke, and Wheeler were coming tomorrow. But, she called me from the Denver airport in the early afternoon. Wheeler texted and asked if he could stay here. I could only offer him a cot in the dining room where he is now sleeping. Colleen and Deke are staying at the Citizen Hotel downtown.