A 4th celebration of Erin’s Birthday – Sun. Sept. 18, 2016

Brandon and Lisa invited us for dinner tonight which turned out to be a 4th celebration of Erin’s birthday. Friday night out with the girls was the 3rd celebration, but I did not get any pictures of it.

Erin and brother, Brandon.

Brandon barbecued salmon and filet mignon steak. And Lisa served roasted potatoes, kale salad, a Bon Appetit recipe for garbanzo beans, and cauliflower roasted in hot oil which, surprisingly, 7 year old Beckett really likes.

Erin and Lisa.
For dessert there was Apple Hill apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Brandon, Lisa, Beck, and Lisa’s folks, Chuck and Joleen had gone to Apple Hill this morning. Joleen furnished the pie, including a piece of pumpkin pie for Beck.

The apple pie was decorated with a group of 4 candles and another group of 5 candles for Erin’s 45th birthday.

It took several puffs to blow the candles out.
Erin held up well and actively participated in the conversation. The temperature was perfect for eating outside.


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