Cupcakes for Erin – Fri. Sept. 16, 2016

Standing: Mary Claire    Barb     Seated:  Erlene    Erin

Yesterday afternoon my friend Mary Claire called and said that she had made cupcakes for Erin and would like to come by this afternoon. Mary Claire also brought our friend Erlene who lives near me, but doesn’t get out much these days.
We began by giving Erin a toast with champagne. Mary Claire suggested that Clark join us for the toast.

Then Mary Claire brought out the cupcakes, and we lit a candle, and sang Happy Birthday.

Erin has always enjoyed Mary Claire’s carrot cupcakes. We also enjoyed the chocolate covered cherries and cherry flavored gum drops which the boys sent for Erin’s birthday. Mary Claire’s husband, Jim, is Erin’s godfather, and he sent his happy birthday wishes.

Now Erin has just left with Cindy to join Shannon and Annissa for dinner at the Zinfandel Grill. Erin seems quite tired, but I imagine that she will rally being around her friends.


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