Happy 45th, Erin!! – Wed. Sept. 2016

Today was Erin’s 45th birthday. In the middle of the afternoon she received 2 packages via Federal Express. The boys sent cherry candy, chocolate covered cherries, and cherry flavored salsa from Cherry Republic near Traverse City. Colleen and Deke sent the very sophisticated looking tower of goodies which Erin is holding. Erin called the boys and Steve. She can’t get over Paco’s deep voice. Tommy didn’t want to talk until I asked him about Pokemon. He likes his new 2nd grade teacher.

Mom gave her the usual clothes.

For dinner Erin wanted to go to Chili’s near Howe about Arden. I don’t think that I have ever been in Chili’s in the many years that it has been just a couple of miles away. For some reason I thought that it was like a diner, but it was not. The strawberry margarita which Erin ordered was huge, and she only finished half of it. She ordered a plate of 3 tacos and I think took one or two bites from one, and didn’t like the flavor.

But, early on she wanted the dessert of peaches, cake crumbles, and ice cream. Clark snuck a note to the waiter to put a candle on it. Note the 3 spoons. Erin took a few bites, then Clark and I finished it off.

At first Erin wanted Clark just to pick up some food and eat at home, but I was glad that she rallied to go out to celebrate.

2 thoughts on “Happy 45th, Erin!! – Wed. Sept. 2016

  1. Barbara Chase September 14, 2016 at 21:56 Reply

    Please send my best wishes for Erin’s 45th birthday. I am so glad she rallied for the birthday dinner. Nice to have the packages from Colleen & Deke and from the boys and Steve.
    I’ll bet you miss Patricia. I wish one of my sisters lived closer. We do email and use Facebook to keep in touch. All of them either email or use Facebook. Dan uses Facebook occasionally and calls. Bill occasionally calls but has never entered the 21st Century with email even though his kids and grand kids have done everything they could to get him to use it. He has a computer but I only received one email many moons ago.
    Too bad.
    Getting back to Erin it must be something to watch the changes in Paco. He is in the age of rapid change.

  2. Tom Z. September 15, 2016 at 08:32 Reply

    Happy Birthday Erin! Looking good!
    Glad to hear you had a good day. I envy that dessert – peaches are so good right now (also a bit envious of the strawberry margarita… because, well, it’s a margarita).
    Much love, Tom Z

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