Happy 7th Birthday, Beck – 10 Sept. 2016

Today was the celebration of Erin’s nephew Beck’s 7th birthday. Beck is the son of Erin’s brother, Brandon. Beck’s actual birthday was on Thursday. Erin said she was feeling lousy, and elected not to go to the celebration which Clark, Patricia, and I went to.

Lisa went all out with decorations in a Minecraft theme. Lisa drew a black Minecraft symbol on the lime green drinking cups as well as the children’s favor bags. There was lime green creepy juice. Lisa made black spider decorations by spray painting lollipops and then for legs she twisted 3 black pipe cleaners around the lollipop body.

There was a jump house as well as Beck’s trampoline. The 5 little girls seemed to gravitate to the trampoline whereas the 5 or 6 boys controlled the jump house. There was a piñata which the 4th child in line broke open.

The cake was made by a friend of Lisa’s. It must have been 5 inches high, so the serving were huge. All in all, a fun party for about 11-12 children and 13-14 adults.


One thought on “Happy 7th Birthday, Beck – 10 Sept. 2016

  1. Barbara Chase September 10, 2016 at 21:32 Reply

    How nice to have such a crowd. Sounds like a fun party. Wish Beck a happy birthday for me.

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