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Wheeler and Colleen – CA2CO – Fri. Sept. 30, 2016

This is a selfie which Wheeler and Colleen took as they left this afternoon headed from CA to CO. Colleen had spent the last 3 days getting her car detailed, oil changed, and brakes, and struts taken care of. And she washed all of the blankets and pillows which she had left in the garage from their family trips to Camp Sacramento. Wheeler cleaned out all of his stuff, too.

They headed up Hwy 50 and ended up spending an hour or so in Placerville having the new brakes adjusted. The brakes were rubbing. They stopped at Camp Sacramento where their friends were having a closing camp weekend. They were fortunate to get a good cabin for the night. Then they will head to South Lake Tahoe and take 50 and 70 to Boulder.

Here’s to a safe trip.

Paco NJHS – Thurs. Sept. 29, 2016

Just received this message from Steve:

Paco was inducted into the National Junior Honors Society this evening. The woman in the white sweater is the school principal.

Paco looks so grown up. So happy that he is doing well. ….. Barbara

Erin Colleen Deke at Cafe Bernardo – Mon. Sept. 26, 2016

Colleen, Deke, and Wheeler arrived in Sacramento about 12:30 am this morning from Boulder. They were too late to get a rental car, so caught a cab to the Citizen Hotel downtown. Then today Colleen and Wheeler walked about a mile to pick up a rental car at Enterprise.

The purpose of their trip is to pick up Colleen’s Mazda and get it ready for her and Wheeler to take a road trip back to Boulder. Colleen has an appointment at DMV tomorrow to get it properly registered,and they need to get the brakes checked.

This afternoon Colleen and Deke dropped Wheeler at a friend’s, then went to have drinks at the new Wildwood Kitchen and Bar in the Pavilions. They joined us for an early dinner at Cafe Bernardo. Then we all came home here and watched the debate.

Erin got to talking with a charming lady with an English accent. She had been in this country for over 40 years. Erin told her about working in London for 6 months in 1992. They chatted for quite a while.

Wheeler is spending the next couple of nights with us. Deke flies back to Boulder tomorrow, and Colleen will stay here until she is sure that the Mazda is ready for the trip.


Erin at Bruchi’s – Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016

For today’s Tuesday-out-of-the-house we went to Bruchi’s for lunch, then to Costco to replenish our bare cupboards.
Clark and I shared a Greek salad which was very good. The rolls they use in their sandwiches are the freshest around.
We all brought home half of our sandwiches.


A 4th celebration of Erin’s Birthday – Sun. Sept. 18, 2016

Brandon and Lisa invited us for dinner tonight which turned out to be a 4th celebration of Erin’s birthday. Friday night out with the girls was the 3rd celebration, but I did not get any pictures of it.

Erin and brother, Brandon.

Brandon barbecued salmon and filet mignon steak. And Lisa served roasted potatoes, kale salad, a Bon Appetit recipe for garbanzo beans, and cauliflower roasted in hot oil which, surprisingly, 7 year old Beckett really likes.

Erin and Lisa.
For dessert there was Apple Hill apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Brandon, Lisa, Beck, and Lisa’s folks, Chuck and Joleen had gone to Apple Hill this morning. Joleen furnished the pie, including a piece of pumpkin pie for Beck.

The apple pie was decorated with a group of 4 candles and another group of 5 candles for Erin’s 45th birthday.

It took several puffs to blow the candles out.
Erin held up well and actively participated in the conversation. The temperature was perfect for eating outside.


Cupcakes for Erin – Fri. Sept. 16, 2016

Standing: Mary Claire    Barb     Seated:  Erlene    Erin

Yesterday afternoon my friend Mary Claire called and said that she had made cupcakes for Erin and would like to come by this afternoon. Mary Claire also brought our friend Erlene who lives near me, but doesn’t get out much these days.
We began by giving Erin a toast with champagne. Mary Claire suggested that Clark join us for the toast.

Then Mary Claire brought out the cupcakes, and we lit a candle, and sang Happy Birthday.

Erin has always enjoyed Mary Claire’s carrot cupcakes. We also enjoyed the chocolate covered cherries and cherry flavored gum drops which the boys sent for Erin’s birthday. Mary Claire’s husband, Jim, is Erin’s godfather, and he sent his happy birthday wishes.

Now Erin has just left with Cindy to join Shannon and Annissa for dinner at the Zinfandel Grill. Erin seems quite tired, but I imagine that she will rally being around her friends.


Happy 45th, Erin!! – Wed. Sept. 2016

Today was Erin’s 45th birthday. In the middle of the afternoon she received 2 packages via Federal Express. The boys sent cherry candy, chocolate covered cherries, and cherry flavored salsa from Cherry Republic near Traverse City. Colleen and Deke sent the very sophisticated looking tower of goodies which Erin is holding. Erin called the boys and Steve. She can’t get over Paco’s deep voice. Tommy didn’t want to talk until I asked him about Pokemon. He likes his new 2nd grade teacher.

Mom gave her the usual clothes.

For dinner Erin wanted to go to Chili’s near Howe about Arden. I don’t think that I have ever been in Chili’s in the many years that it has been just a couple of miles away. For some reason I thought that it was like a diner, but it was not. The strawberry margarita which Erin ordered was huge, and she only finished half of it. She ordered a plate of 3 tacos and I think took one or two bites from one, and didn’t like the flavor.

But, early on she wanted the dessert of peaches, cake crumbles, and ice cream. Clark snuck a note to the waiter to put a candle on it. Note the 3 spoons. Erin took a few bites, then Clark and I finished it off.

At first Erin wanted Clark just to pick up some food and eat at home, but I was glad that she rallied to go out to celebrate.