Tommy and Charizard Card – Mon. Aug. 22, 2016

Last night Tommy was showing me some of his Pokémon cards. He rattles off all the different evolutions of the cards. He said he would be so happy if he could get a Charizard card, but it is rare to find it in a pack.

Today we went to Target, and he found 3 tins of trading cards on a low shelf, but there didn’t seem to be any price listing on the shelf with them. We thought maybe we should try some place else. When we turned around, there was a whole wall of Pokémon tins. He settled on a tin of 40 cards that featured a Requesa card. He was just beaming as we walked up to the register.

I was trying to figure out which check out line was shortest, when Tommy spotted another whole wall of Pokémon tins. So, we checked those out, and one of them featured the Charizard card! He chatted endlessly with the cashier explaining it all to her. Then we went to See’s and Tommy charmed that cashier, so she gave us a 2nd sample.

Later in the afternoon, Paco wanted to go to Best Buy to get a special high speed mouse that made playing games faster. Fortunately, both boys bought small items to take home with them.

Steve came about 4:30 loaded down with ribs from the El Rancho Market in Marina. Paco had asked him to get them. Yesterday was the concours d’Elegance where all of the fancy cars are displayed on the 18th green at Pebble Beach. Steve was involved for the previous 4 days in festivities in Monterey that were associated with the cars and Hagerty Insurance which insures many of the collectible cars.

The boys leave at 4 am tomorrow morning and head home to Traverse City, MI. Clark and I took them to the pool after dinner for a final swim. …lots of squealing from Tommy who swims and dog paddles, then swims.


One thought on “Tommy and Charizard Card – Mon. Aug. 22, 2016

  1. Barbara Chase August 22, 2016 at 22:09 Reply

    It’s good that Steve’s car event gives you a good chance to visit with the boys. They are interesting kids. And charmers too. It must be hard to see them go. They change so much at this age, especially Paco.

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