David & Paco; Tommy w/Wood Builders – Sun. Aug. 21, 2016

David and Paco

Tommy with Wood Builders

We were supposed to pick up Paco at his friend David’s house in Davis this afternoon at 2 pm. Paco texted at 1 pm asking if he could stay longer. Because Clark and I were going to a memorial celebration later in the afternoon, we couldn’t pick up Paco any later. But, David’s Dad volunteered to bring Paco back to Sacramento. They arrived about 8:30 pm. Paco had had a good time with David and another former classmate, Tony.

Son Brandon, along with Beck, came and got Tommy as we were leaving for the memorial. Brandon took Beck and Tommy swimming. Then I got a text from Brandon saying that he was taking Tommy to their house to play on the trampoline and have pizza.

My nephew Tom wasn’t sure what Wood Builders were. So, I had Tommy make a simple stick man for me out of the Wood Builders. Most of his other projects have been guns. What is nice about the Wood Builders is that there are plastic connectors for the wood blocks.

Thanks to David’s parents and to Brandon for providing boys’ care!

(The first post I made had photos that were too small. The 2nd try had Tommy’s photo missing. Hope this 3rd try is ok.)


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