Captain America, Erin, Paco – Wed. August 17, 2016

Tommy in his new Captain America Costume

Tommy and Erin. Paco and Clark were out picking up their dinner at Dos Coyotes.

Wheeler enjoying Chocolate Malted Krunch ice cream.

Today began with breakfast about 10:30 with my making crepes, which I hadn’t made since the boys were last here at Christmas. Each crepe is about 9 inches in diameter. Paco had 5 crepes and Tommy 3. They like them with butter, cinnamon, and sugar. They also had blackberries and blueberries. Tommy suggested that I put the napkin holder in the middle of the table instead of on the counter adjacent to the table. “Makes more sense”, he said.

Then a few hours later we headed to Costco for a late lunch and shopping. There is a new Costco going up in Traverse City, but now the closest one is Grand Rapids, so they look forward to going to Costco when they are here. Erin and I split the turkey-cheese sandwich, Paco and Clark had hot dogs, and Tommy had a slice (which was really 2 slices) of pizza. With 4 drinks the lunch came to a grand total of $11.04.

Erin enjoyed going up and down the aisles with the boys and adding items to the cart. Tommy got a Captain America costume for Halloween. I planned to buy a flat of peaches, but the boys said that we needed 2 flats! Afterwards, we headed to Rite Aid to buy Paco’s favorite flavor of Thrifty ice cream: Chocolate Malted Krunch. They have Thrifty ice cream in Traverse City, but not that flavor.

We had been planning to go to Dos Coyotes for dinner because the boys really like it, and there is nothing like it in Traverse City. But, Paco suggested we order by phone and take it out because the place is so noisy. Paco, with his young ears, thought it was noisy! He suggested it completely on his own.

Now Erin and the boys are watching a movie before going to bed.


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