Erin Paco Tommy – Aug. 16, 2016

For Tuesday lunch out today we went to 33rd St Bistro where Erin had French onion soup. She ate about 3 spoonfuls of it. She finished most of it for dinner. I think she was excited about the boys arriving tonight.

About the time we were finishing lunch, Paco and Tommy and Steve were leaving Traverse City for Minneapolis, the first leg of their trip.

Because of thunder and lightening their plane was held on the ground in Minneapolis for over an hour.

They have landed and are on the shuttle to the car rental at Sacramento airport.

They arrived about 9 pm. Tommy had hit his head on the car door as he was getting out of the car, so he is being comforted by Erin and Paco.

12 year old Paco is about 5 ft 3 1/2 inches, about Erin’s height.

Paco Erin and Tommy in the kitchen after eating fudge which the Haases sent from Traverse City. Love Paco’s haircut!!


One thought on “Erin Paco Tommy – Aug. 16, 2016

  1. Barbara Chase August 17, 2016 at 06:01 Reply

    How great to see Erin’s boys. It’s amazing to see how boys grow in the 12-15 years.
    Paco’s new haircut looks great on him. Hope you all have a good time together.

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