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Erin at Roma’s – Tues. July 26, 2016

For Tuesday lunch out today we went to Roma’s Pizzeria II on Folsom Blvd. Erin loves their lasagna. She has enough left for several more meals.
Afterwards, we went to the nearby Raley’s supermarket because there was something she wanted to get. She couldn’t explain what it was, so she looked around for quite awhile and finally found what she wanted: Vitamin water.


Delightful Day in the Delta – Sun.July 17, 2016

Today Clark and I and my brother Bob drove to Discovery Bay, about 18 miles West of Stockton, to celebrate my sister-in-law’s, Pat’s, 75th birthday which was Friday. (Erin was too sleepy to go, so she stayed home with Wheeler.) Pat is the widow of my brother, Tim. Pat has a house right on the delta with a party boat, ski boat, sail boat, a couple of row boats, and a raft, so there is plenty of activity for the kids and younger adults.

Brandon, Lisa, and Beck joined the celebration. They are shown here with Pat. There was a cotton candy machine, so Beck had some which he reluctantly gave me a piece of. When Beck saw me, he said that he had a Physics question for me. He had 2 identical looking small blocks and one floats and the other sinks in water and he wondered why. He said that his Dad said that one must be hollowed out, which seems like a possible answer.

Beck enjoyed the new plastic raft.

Here are the old folks: Pat, Clark, Barb, Bob, Beate, and brother Jim.

The party was hosted by Pat’s daughter Kathy and husband Lloyd. They got up early yesterday morning to drive from Oakland to Half Moon Bay by 6:30 am to buy salmon and scallops from their favorite fish monger there. Lloyd is famous for his ribs which he slowly cooked on the barbecue for 3 hours. He served the grilled scallops as an appetizer. Then in addition to ribs and salmon for the meal, Pat’s son Tim made 10 pounds of potato salad using a modified version of Pat’s recipe, Kathy made cole slaw, daughter-in-law Bridget made a fruit salad, and there were 5 different kinds of homemade cookies. When we left, we took plastic containers of each.

It was a fun, beautiful day.

Erin Shannon and Crepe Myrtles – Sun. July 10, 2016

I thought that I had already posted this photo to the blog, but it doesn’t seem to be there, so will try it again.

Yesterday, Sunday, Shannon picked up Erin and they went to their favorite Roxy for lunch.

This picture shows the crepe myrtles in full bloom. They are a little pinker than the photo shows. They love the Sacramento heat. The lawn has brown spots, but there is more green than the photo shows.


Visit from Colleen and Deke – Mon. July 4, 2016

Colleen called yesterday afternoon saying that they were at the Embassy Suites right on the river in downtown Sacramento. They were exhausted after a week of traveling along the California Coast from Santa Barbara to Jenner, which is about 90 miles north of San Francisco. The month before they had rented a house in Montecito (Santa Barbara area), where Deke could work in Carpenteria for the company he contracts with. They came over this afternoon to hang out at the pool, buying an enormous number of snacks at Trader Joe’s on their way over. I had thought they would come back to the house for supper, but they enjoyed just hanging out at the pool and then were anxious to get back to the Embassy Suites before crowds of people gathered to watch fireworks.

Clark and Erin joined Colleen and Deke for the last hour at the pool.

Clark Erin Colleen

Clark Erin Deke Sam Colleen and Max after a relaxing afternoon of swimming and snacks at the Campus Commons pool. Wheeler swam for awhile, but by the time this photo was taken, Wheeler had left to join friends to watch fireworks.

Colleen, Deke, Max (15 1/2), and Sam (14) leave in the morning for a flight back to Boulder.

Happy 4th to all!