Monthly Archives: June 2016

This iPad is Frozen – Sat. June 18, 2016

We were invited to Brandon’s and Lisa’s for dinner tonight to celebrate Father’s Day. Erin was tired and elected to stay home and sleep. Instead of relaxing for his Father’s Day dinner, Brandon barbecued filets and salmon and baked potatoes. Lisa cooked homemade cornbread as served at Bandera. Joleen (Lisa’s Mom) cooked zucchini and onions, and Chuck (Lisa’s Dad) bought his own Father’s Day cake from Ettore’s Bakery.

Beck invited Clark to come over next Saturday and make robots out of Legos.

Beck is presenting Brandon with his Father’s Day presents and card.

And inside the card it said, “Dad, you can fix anything”.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there who fix everything.

Patricia and Erin – Farewell Dinner – Tues. June 7, 2016

Tonight was our last dinner with Patricia. She leaves tomorrow to return home to Denver. During the 14 days that she was here, she played bridge twice a day for 10 of those days and once on the remaining 4 days. Neither of us feels bridged out!

Erin enjoys chatting with Patricia, and today, especially, Erin seemed very lively and more articulate than she has been lately. Erin and Clark went out for lunch at their favorite sushi spot, and Erin brought home extra for our after evening bridge snack.

We look forward to Patricia returning in Sept.

Nothing Further Needed – Fri. June 3, 2016

Good News!  The following is the message which Erin received this morning from Dr. Cua:

“Hello Erin,
Your recent core biopsy results showed scarring of your muscle.
There is no tumor. Nothing further is needed.
Please reply to this message if you have any questions.
Warm regards,

It seems unbelievable because I had read that it was not unheard of for GBM to metastasize in long term survivors.