Erin Brandon – Mother’s Day Dinner – Sun. May 8, 2016

This evening we went to Brandon and Lisa’s for Mother’s Day dinner. Erin was very active in the conversation. Besides the appetizers shown, Brandon barbecued tenderloin steaks. Clark’s was nice and red. For the non-meat eaters, Lisa had crab stuffed salmon.

The evening started out very mild and a little on the humid side, but ended up cool enough for a jacket.

Beck sported new glasses (very briefly). He is near-sighted.

On the way home our plan was to stop at the new CVS/Pharnacy at Fair Oaks and Howe. But, Erin was too tired to go in, so I just ran in to get a couple of things while she and Clark waited in the car. The new store is very roomy and airy with shelves low enough that you can survey the whole store.


One thought on “Erin Brandon – Mother’s Day Dinner – Sun. May 8, 2016

  1. Barbara Chase May 9, 2016 at 21:31 Reply

    What a nice picture of Erin and Brandon. It sounds as though Lisa and Brandon covered all the bases with the food. We had all the Tiscarenos at our place for brunch. They provided the food and Danny cooked the sausages. The boys also did the clean up.Now that Bobby is driving he took Danny to apply for a caddy job. He got the job. Danny is on the golf team at Seattle Prep. As of May 8 when Cam turned 13 we have all teenagers as grandkids.

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