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Paco and HIs Bowling Awards – Sat. Mar. 19, 2016

Steve sent this photo early this morning saying that yesterday had been awards day at bowling. Paco’s team came in 2nd place, and Paco got the first place award for the high 3-game series for boys … an 810.

Steve had spoken too soon. Paco won a few more trophies:

Paco’s face looks thinner. Maybe all that bowling exercise had an affect!

If it is St. Patrick’s Day, Head for Ireland – Thurs.Mar.17, 2016

Clark and I took Wheeler to his 4 pm class at the West Sacramento site of Sacramento City College this afternoon. We had an early dinner then picked him up when his class ended at 5:20 pm. We then headed to the airport and from there to bridge.  Wheeler was heading to Denver where he will meet Colleen, Deke, and Deke’s boys at the airport hotel there. Then in the morning they will all head to Ireland for the Spring break!

Apparently, the initial plan was to go to Italy with Deke’s sister and her husband who is a native of Italy. But, when the sister and her husband couldn’t go, Colleen decided she didn’t want to wrestle with the Italian language with 3 boys in tow. So, they chose English speaking Ireland to go to.

Wheeler said that in his psychology class today they were studying memory. I wanted to know why there are certain names I just cannot remember, then the name comes to me 5 min or even a half hour later. He said he hasn’t got that far yet!

Erin has seemed quite happy lately, and she said it is because Wheeler is around, even though we hardly see him. She just likes knowing he is here.


Erin & Clark – Corned beef dinner – Wed. Mar.16, 2016

We had corned beef and cabbage for dinner tonight, celebrating St. Pat’s a day early because Clark and I will not be home for dinner tomorrow night. Erin had just opened a package of shamrock socks and card from my friend, Joanne, in Lodi. The socks are neat: black with gray,white, and lime green shamrocks on them.

Here is a closeup of the shamrock socks which Erin is going to wear tomorrow with her shamrock shoes which she says she has had for about 15 years.


Erin and Prawn salad – Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Erin is showing off leftovers of the prawn and arugula salad which she had today at Nordstrom’s cafe. It came with polenta croutons. I normally avoid croutons, but Erin insisted that I taste these, and they were absolutely delicious. My salmon Nicoise salad came with hot grilled salmon and hot roasted potatoes. Also delicous. And Clark liked his club sandwich. We are adding Nordstrom Cafe Bistro to our Tuesday-lunch-out list!

A Stroll in the Rain – Mar. 11, 2016

I just got home from bridge and Erin was bubbling over and excited because Barbara Bravos had come by and taken Erin for a stroll in the rain. Erin loves the rain and we have had plenty of it today. I normally drive 75-80 on highway 50 to Folsom, but this morning I went 55 mph in the downpour.


Flashback to Ireland 2007

Colleen here. I was going through some Ireland photos (from our 2007 trip with Mom, Clark, Wheeler, Erin, Paco, Steve, Brandon and Lisa) in preparation for heading to the Emerald Isle for Spring Break this year (with Deke, Wheeler, Max, and Sam). I found a picture of Paco dressed in his froggy raincoat, and I posted it to Facebook this year on his Leap Day birthday. My mom asked if I’d post it here:


She thought Paco looked like Tommy. Here’s another one for further cuteness analysis:


Here Paco and Wheeler sitting on a statue of “Fungie the Dingle Dolphin.”


If not for the glasses, I think you could almost mistake this one for Tommy and Paco.

Looking forward to showing Sam (13) and Max (15) some of our previous discoveries and taking Wheeler (20!) to the Guinness Storehouse for a pint.

Happy Birthday Tommy!!-Tues. Mar. 8, 2016

Tommy is 7 years old today. He had a party Sat. with 14 classmates at a Science museum in Traverse City.

Erin and I just talked to him on the phone.

Think that this picture was taken yesterday.