If it is St. Patrick’s Day, Head for Ireland – Thurs.Mar.17, 2016

Clark and I took Wheeler to his 4 pm class at the West Sacramento site of Sacramento City College this afternoon. We had an early dinner then picked him up when his class ended at 5:20 pm. We then headed to the airport and from there to bridge.  Wheeler was heading to Denver where he will meet Colleen, Deke, and Deke’s boys at the airport hotel there. Then in the morning they will all head to Ireland for the Spring break!

Apparently, the initial plan was to go to Italy with Deke’s sister and her husband who is a native of Italy. But, when the sister and her husband couldn’t go, Colleen decided she didn’t want to wrestle with the Italian language with 3 boys in tow. So, they chose English speaking Ireland to go to.

Wheeler said that in his psychology class today they were studying memory. I wanted to know why there are certain names I just cannot remember, then the name comes to me 5 min or even a half hour later. He said he hasn’t got that far yet!

Erin has seemed quite happy lately, and she said it is because Wheeler is around, even though we hardly see him. She just likes knowing he is here.


2 thoughts on “If it is St. Patrick’s Day, Head for Ireland – Thurs.Mar.17, 2016

  1. Barbara Chase March 18, 2016 at 17:23 Reply

    Ireland is a great destination. although it will no doubt be rainy. But it’s the price you pay for all the green. Last night Vern and I were reading the history of our Irish names: Fahey, Kelly, Joyce and Vern with McCarthy. He loves to point out that McCarthys were kings.
    Will they be driving?

  2. Barbara Wheeler March 19, 2016 at 22:36 Reply

    Yes. I think that they are renting a SUV type vehicle for the 5 of them. Haven’t heard from them yet.

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