Erin outing with Shannon – Sun. Mar. 6, 2016

Shannon picked up Erin early this afternoon and they headed back up to the Studio Movie Grill in Rocklin to see the new Tina Fey movie, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. When I asked Erin if it was a comedy, she said no. I then saw a synopsis. It is about a reporter in Afghanistan and Pakistan … the title certainly doesn’t give that clue.

Erin enjoyed having fish and chips during the movie. She brought the leftovers home, and told Wheeler about them, who said that he didn’t want them. Then when she went to show me what she had had, they were gone! He had changed his mind!

After Shannon dropped Erin off, then Shan had drive back to her home in Folsom. She must have driven over 100 mi for the outing. What a good friend!

Since Erin was gone, Clark suggested that we go out and use our gift certificate to the Firehouse Restaurant which a son and daughter-in-law had given him for Christmas.  When he called for a reservation, he found out that it didn’t open until 5 pm. When we got there, the waiter asked if we had been there before. We both said, “A long time ago”. I then realized that I had taken my brother Tim and wife Pat there the summer that I taught in 1963!  I may have been there once before that, and maybe once since.





One thought on “Erin outing with Shannon – Sun. Mar. 6, 2016

  1. Barbara Chase March 7, 2016 at 09:09 Reply

    Wow, Shannon is a true friend. Hope they enjoyed the movie.
    The Wheeler food story just proves how much tall young men need to eat, And he won’t show a pound either.
    Hope you enjoyed the dinner-a thoughtful gift.

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