Erin on Commons Drive – Mon. Feb. 29, 2016

When I got home this afternoon, I learned that Barbara Bravos, Erin’s former hospice volunteer, had come by and taken Erin out around the block to see the beautiful blooming evergreen pear trees on Commons Drive. Erin said she walked a little and rode a little, but got very tired.

That was great that Barbara came by because I think Erin was feeling a little sad not to be celebrating Paco’s Feb. 29th 12th birthday with him.

Here is another view of Commons Drive alive with evergreen pear blossoms. Thank you, Barbara, for taking these photos! I was delighted when Erin showed them to me.

One thought on “Erin on Commons Drive – Mon. Feb. 29, 2016

  1. Barbara Chase March 1, 2016 at 10:20 Reply

    How thoughtful for her hospice volunteer friend to take Erin around to see the flowering trees. Plums are blossoming here but the flowering pears are later. I am doing a Master Gardener report on flowering trees on March 9. It’s such a beautiful part of spring.
    Our nephew Dan, son of Dick, also has a Leap Year birthday. Send belated birthday wishes to Paco.

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