Erin shopping; 46 1/2 years of social bridge -Fri. Feb. 12, 2016

As I was driving home from shopping at the Galleria in Roseville after social bridge in Sun City this afternoon, Clark called to say that Erin was going out with Shannon and wouldn’t be back until 9 pm. So, he suggested that we go up to the bridge game in Shingle Springs and have dinner beforehand at China City in Cameron Park. (Clark loves Chinese food!)

When we got home from bridge this evening, Erin was home. She had difficulty explaining what she and Shannon had done. But, eventually we figured out that she and Shannon went Costco shopping in Rancho Cordova. And then they met Cindy for dinner in Gold River after Cindy got off work.

Erin had filled our refrigerator and pantry with a roast chicken, 6 avocados, 2 different kinds of bread and other goodies.

Our Social bridge had 4 substitutes today. Each time it is getting harder and harder to get 8 players. Some have memory problems and don’t want to play anymore, and there are other health problems. The group started playing 2 years before Erin was born. So, after 46 1/2 years our bridge playing days are coming to a close, and I think we will just meet for lunch every couple of months or so.



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